204A Rocco Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 7/20/2009
Years at this apartment: 2006 - 2009
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I have been at Park Apartments for 3 years and have seen the property through a lot of ups and downs. I'll start by referring to a few of the very old posts I have read on here. About the staff/management: I am sure I know who the posters are referring to when describing an unpleasant personality and attitude and I can assure you that that property manager is longer with Park Apartments. For about the last year everyone in the leasing office as well as the maintenence staff has been wonderful, friendly, and helpful. As for the quality of the buildings themselves. THEY ARE OLD. Thats about all there is to it. Having said that, they are in the process of renovating the interiors of many buildings and the renovations are absolutely gorgeous AND include an additional bathroom in the 2 br apts (making it 2 br, 2 bath). As far as bugs/pests... I have had some problems with the occasional spider and ants; however, the issues were immediately handled (my apt was sprayed) when I reported them to the leasing office (this is true of any maintenence problem I have had while living here). The maintenence staff is great, reliable, friendly, and prompt. They have even come over at 11 pm to snake my toilet! (Both live on property)

Some things i personally like about living here: it is small and QUIET. I am a grad student at the local university and absolutely would not be able to live in most of the nearby student communities due to noise and parties. At the same time, if you frequently like to entertain and get unreasonably rowdy, neighbors will not hesitate to complain and the management will make note of the complaint (three strikes and you're out). THis isn't to say you can't have people over, just depending on your neighbors the tolerated noise level might vary. The pool is nice and rarely used by tenants. In the summer the leasing office has allowed me to have guests in excess of the 2 per apartment because no one else was using the pool. Finally, parking is never EVER a problem. Everyday, regardless of the time, I am able to park within 10 yards of my front door. I frequently have out of town guests and while guest parking can sometimes be an issue overnight (they start towing after 7 pm) on weekends due to overflow guests from a nearby student community, if you are able to move your car into one of the guest spots on a friday evening you shouldnt have any problems. Also- as long as your guests are in a visitor spot, their cars are safe from towing. No guest pass or anything else required to park. Also- gas and water are included in rent.... with gas heat and stove/oven, this saves a lot in utilities... especially in winter, feel free to CRANK UP THE HEAT!

The one down side to living at Park Apartments: the rent is a little high for the quality of the actual apartments themselves. In the three years I've lived here monthly rent has increased $65 (not unusual or especially problematic unless you are a broke college student like me). The renovated apartments are also more expensive than the older ones. And i DO anticipate the rent to raise significantly in the coming years to offset the costs of the renovations. The reason I stay and tolerate the high rent and annual increases is because of the dependability of the management and maintenence staff. I have never had any concerns regarding the safety of my apartment, building, or community as a whole. When minor problems have occured, the staff was prompt and efficient in handling them. To me, that peace of mind is worth a few extra bucks a month in rent.

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User Responses

From: Anonymous Date: 01/25/2011
This post is a load of crap. I property manager or someone in the office must have written it. I mean, really, who has time to write such a lengthy essay on some lousy apartments. Long story short, this place sucks. Save yourself some money, trouble, bug killing, and noise by going to live somewhere else.
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