4801 Marshall Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607
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08/12/2013Do NOT move out here, the maintenance crew SUCKS! They dont fix ----, only patch up things, takes a year for them to come and fix it. Theses aparments are falling apart, they have been up for over 50 years, and since then thay have not done any kind of remodeling! The parking lots are rediculous, pot holes everywhere. Roaches everywhere, neighbors are down right GHETTO! load very disturbing, kids are wild and load and the landscaping is hidious. They barley ,cut the grass and when thry do, they half cut it. I could go on for days but u ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/06/2012The leasing office staff was always kind and helpful. The apartment itself was fairly nice considering the low price. The neighbors were sometimes noisy but friendly. I did have problems with cockroaches. ... Full ReviewYES3.0
10/15/2012I only have a few complaints about Newsome Park.. # The maintenance crew needs to be replaced, they dont know how to fix anything..they only do patch work..also it takes them forever to come.. The bug Problem here is ridiculous ... Full ReviewNO2.0
07/27/2012This is one of hte few places you can get 4 bedrooms. That said, it is decent. I like my private entrance. Good for shuffling the kids in and out. They also have washer dryers you can rent, which is ... Full ReviewYES4.0
08/23/2011I lived out here for only a year and my new neighbors are always sitting and blocking the front of my door. When I am home I can't get any peace and quiet due to neighbors being very loud outside ... Full ReviewNO2.0
06/26/2011 I moved here in 08 i was considering leaving on a few...YES4.0
05/05/2011 This is a horrible place to live...I was told it was a...NO1.0
01/11/2011 Please don't waste your money on this apartment...NO1.0
06/16/2010 I applied to this property and left a deposit for...NO2.0
12/15/2009 I was Happy I got the apartment, But I hate every...NO1.0
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Newsome Park Townhouses is an apartment community located in Newport News , VA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Newsome Park Townhouses ( 0.0 miles), Brookridge Apartments ( 0.3 miles), and Westover Station Apartments ( 1.3 miles).

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