7266 S. Barrens Road, Roanoke, VA 24019
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Location, Location, Location Come see our beautifully landscaped FIRST CLASS COMMUNITY. We offer large 2 and 3 bedroom (1000 - 1320 sq. ft.) homes for a low price. If FIRST CLASS SERVICE is what... Continued...

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08/29/2013Peter creek apartment is the best in roanoke me and my friends was on the road on day and we drive up in this apartment and we just fall in love with it come to now that the next months we in it we all love it every thing is all good yea man is the best. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
07/05/2013My family and I have been living in this complex for a year now. The thing I love most about this apartment is that it is very spacious and 2 have two walk in closets, two full baths, and a ... Full ReviewYES5.0
06/18/2013I have lived at Peters Creek Apartments with my mother for the past 3 years. Any time I've had a problem, the staff there : Julia, Heather, Robert & Carl have always been quick to help fix the issues. Our ... Full ReviewYES5.0
07/28/2012I have lived at Peters Creek Apartments for 7 years and the staff: Julie, Heather, Robert and Carl have always been so accomodating and helpful. They have a friendly demeaner and are always there for their renters. The outside was ... Full ReviewYES5.0
06/19/2012I have lived here for 6 yrs. I always feel safe and secure. I have made many friends close to my age that live here. All of the staff are friendly and very considerate of the tenants need ... Full ReviewYES3.0
09/14/2010 i have lived here since 2009 and this place has its ups...YES5.0
03/26/2010 Peters Creek Apartments honestly needs a management team...NO1.0
11/01/2009 I have lived here since 1998 and love it here! I always...YES5.0
07/28/2009 unless the complex has changed, it is a very nice...YES4.0
06/23/2006 Peters Creek Apts are becoming the ghetto of North...NO3.0
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Peters Creek Apartments is an apartment community located in Roanoke , VA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Bent Creek Apartments ( 0.8 miles), Brookside North Townhouses ( 0.8 miles), and North Ridge Apartments ( 3.2 miles).

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