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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Seattle, WA

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The Annaliese

118 6th Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

06/25/13 by anonymous: Just don't. Overpriced, dirty. The office is only staffed from another downtown property on an as needed basis to show vacant units. The building doesn't even have a manager. The manager of another property sends a leasing agent over to show the units, and accordingly they do everything possible to not have to assist the people who already live here. The property was originally more


The Bonneville Apartments

600 East Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98122

01/27/14 by westbird: Would not trust the place for a dime! You can never EVER get in touch with the management. Maintenance is non-existent. The company the owns the management company is Cornell & Associates - they don't even admit to having tenants. When you move out the management spontaneously invents charges that were not on the leasing agreement under the explanation of "that's how we always did more


The Lake Place Apartments

19800 Pacific Highway South, Seattle, WA 98188

10/21/10 by anonymous: Ratty apartments. Poor upkeep. Most of the parking lot lighting hasn't worked in years. Cars are regularly prowled or completely stolen. more


The Lake Vista Apartments

7320 Winona Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103

The Lanai Apartments

3240 Fuhrman Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102

04/08/12 by anonymous: DO NOT EVER MOVE HERE! In fact, DO NOT EVER rent from Darco Inc! These people don't deserve to have ANY tenants whatsoever! These people entered my apartment without giving me any notice ( by that I'm talking about the owners that are responsible). The area manager who is the owners' son actually knew that the tenants did not recieve any notices but still gave the master key that more


The Lenora

211 Lenora, Seattle, WA 98121

09/01/09 by polly1990: This review is for any Art Institute student, prospective or otherwise, that may be considering student housing as a place to dwell during their time at AI. The title basically sums up the point of this review. Student housing at AI simply isn't a good idea in any aspect. It isn't a practical choice (though the school will have you believe otherwise), it isn't more


The Pacific Apartments

1300 Dexter Avenue North Ste 110, Seattle, WA 98109

The Q

1321 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

12/19/13 by dearthl: I lived in the Q for over one year and just recently moved out in September. My experience with the Q was absolutely awful with the exception of the view and location. When moving out I had a small couch that was supposed to have been picked up by my brother, however he was not able to get it and the maintenance manager moved it to the basement on the 1st (very understandable). When speaking more


The Whitworth

1619 E. John St., Seattle, WA 98112

04/24/14 by anonymous: Don't rent here. These apartments are expensive. There is some kind of a lingering smell. Some of them have hardwood floors, but you should see this as more of a BYOC (Bring Your Own Carpet) as you are required to cover 80% of the hardwood with carpet. Some of the apartments have been slightly renovated, but as cheaply as possible. They haven't done anything except the more


Town & Country Apartments

12320 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125

03/08/12 by anonymous: I hate to say anything negative because the managers are honestly really nice but I have to say this place will drive you crazy. First of all parking is a nightmare. When you rent you are given a colored sticker to put on your window to designate if you are allowed to park around the buildings or if you have to park down in the side lot not connected to the buildings. Not a bad idea if there more

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