821 South Yakima, Tacoma, WA 98405
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05/23/2013Been here for a few weeks now, not a bad place. It's an older building so there's a lot of character. I love the hardwood floors and a lot of the light fixtures are honest to the buildings date. As it's an older building the floors do creak a bit and each home has a radiator for warmth. We did have a power outage the first week I was here but the power company had it back on within twenty minutes. The manager seems quite kind and seems generally interested in how your stay is going and if you have ... Full ReviewYES3.0
08/06/2013Been here not a couple of months. Floors are a bit creaky but all in all so far I am enjoying it. I did have one issue with a bad neighbour, who'd literally get roaring drunk and be howling at the moon ... Full ReviewYES3.0
01/22/2013I had an appoinment today and met the manager is great very professional and knows her information. The building is charming and cute. I'm definetly going to apply. I didn't hear much noise from the neighbor. I know that I ... Full ReviewYES3.0
03/11/2012I was looking for a small vintage place and it looked nice on the pictures so I called the manager and let me say first impressions or not good with this lady. Not going to rent there because one the ... Full ReviewNO3.0
03/11/2012Let my just say I tried to give this place a chance. I had I appointment with the manager on march 9th at 11:00am that I drove over a hour to make. When I arrived at 10:50 I had to ... Full ReviewNO3.0
04/17/2011 Excellent location in an old beautiful building,...YES5.0
07/30/2010 I lived in this apartment for six months. the manager is...NO1.0
07/07/2009 I have visited friends in the St James apartments and I...YES5.0
05/30/2008 The manager is the number one problem. He manages...NO1.0
04/29/2007 I don't even know where to start about with this...NO1.0
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St. James Place is an apartment community located in Tacoma , WA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Carlton Apartments (formerly Marymac) ( 0.2 miles), Landmark Court Apartments ( 0.2 miles), and Roosevelt Tower Apartments ( 0.2 miles).

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