1505 Lankford Drive, Valdosta, GA 31601
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01/22/2014To make a long story short Blanton Commons was once a really nice place to live once upon a time...then it got hood. Apartment break-ins, shootings, you name it and it's probably happened here. THE GOOD: It's cheap. For a college student with no money, no furniture, and no credit it seemed like heaven. I signed because it was one of the only places I could afford on a broke college student's petty income. THE BAD: It's loud 24/7. Nothings wrong with a few parties but it's an on-going thing. You'll never get the peace and quiet that you need to study ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/07/2013Everything negative you read about thiis place is true. My son stayed there we got trapped in a lease could get out of it and no way to sub lease .Every month they charged us ovearges even though his roomates tried ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/31/2013 I used to live here a couple of years ago, and it really wasn't that bad overall I had a positive experience at Blanton. It would have been better had I chosen an upstairs unit, my upstairs neighbors partied all ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/24/2013Blanton Common may be one of the best properties I've lived on. From their great 24 hour amenities, to the apartments being fully furnished, and even the awesome events that they host. It allows you to make your schooling fun ... Full ReviewYES5.0
04/02/2013I lived in the complex for 3 years so I've pretty much seen it all. 2007 was a great year. Plenty of activities, never heard of any crimes & there was just an overall good feel. The apartments were probably ... Full ReviewNO3.0
12/02/2012 Don't rent there !!! Customer service is terrible...NO1.0
10/15/2012 This apartment complex is gated and really nice to look...NO3.0
08/14/2012 Never heard a gun shot. Never been robbed. Never felt...YES4.0
06/06/2012 I was standing on my balcony (at 7:00 pm, sun was...NO1.0
05/09/2012 I read some of the reviews on this website and you can...NO2.0
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Blanton Common Apartments is an apartment community located in Valdosta , GA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Blanton Common Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Spring Chase Apartments ( 0.6 miles), and The Grove ( 1.6 miles).

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