ApartmentRatings.com RSS Feeds

ApartmentRatings.com is proud to be the first major apartment hunting website to enable RSS feeds.

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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and provides a standard way for people to subscribe to "feeds" of new and changing content from websites.

Why do I need a feed?

We've designed our RSS feeds so that you can monitor new ratings, reviews, and responses for any state, city, or even individual apartment communities.

If you're apartment hunting in San Jose, CA for example, you can quickly find out when new reviews of San Jose apartments have been added to ApartmentRatings.com. And once you sign a lease, you can subscribe to the feed for your new apartment community and be notified whenever a new review or response is added. RSS is an easy way to stay informed of what matters to you.

How do I get started?

  1. Get Pluck, it's Free!Download an RSS reader. An RSS reader is software that allows you to subscribe to many different RSS feeds and makes it easy to see what's new. ApartmentRatings.com exclusively recommends Pluck for your RSS Reader
  2. Look for . When you see this orange link icon, it means you can subscribe to a feed for the content on that page of the site.

    Drag this link into Pluck, or right-click and copy the link, and then paste it into your RSS reader software.

    Subscribe in Pluck RSS readerTo make life easier, we have also made it possible to add ApartmentRatings.com feeds directly to My Pluck, a FREE web-based RSS reader that allows you view all your feeds on one website. Just look for the +Pluck icon throughout ApartmentRatings.com.

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