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Austin Wood Apartments
7648 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209
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I lived at Austin Woods for two yrs from 2008-2010. The management staff was very nice and helpful in the beginning, but that was just a front. Management is very rude, they don't accurately document the problems within your apartment and the maintenance men(If thats what you want to call them) took 2-3 weeks to fix minor problems and you never knew when they would be entering your apartment. Management began approving section 8 vouchers and with that came the bulk of the trouble. Robberies, car break ins, loud music being played at all hours of the night, and drug activity. Rental fees are based upon your income, which we all know is a rip off.
I decided to move out after the gentlemen cleaned my carpet and left the door open all day for over 12 hours. I contacted the manager the next morning, told her how upset and scared I was and that I had to call the police. She didn't care, had a very non-caring nonchalant attidude like she wanted all of my possessions to be stolen. If you thinking about moving out here PLEASE DON'T! If you like living in the ghetto amongst people whom are loud, ignorant, disrespectful and don't respect boundaries, then this is the place for you.

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