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Harbour Landing
7625 Garner Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209
1 User Response

I stayed there and it had its times like any other place. I like it here because you are part of a community. I had neighbors that were friendly that had been there a long time. I read the other reviews and I know that is just two people that are mad about something They couldn't get and want to send out HATER mail. This is a great place to live.

Hmmm...I beg to differ...the other reviews are correct. I cant wait to leave this place...we are leaving next week and damn right we are mad, this place is nasty! And um, I am sure you would be fuming mad if you had to live in an apartment where the sewer floods and soaks your kicthen floor with feces water and all they do is dry it with a commercial fan and surface clean the carpet...yes this has happened twice. I am glad you love living in the ghetto...I bet your rent is free with section 8 huh?

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