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620 Halton Road, Greenville, SC 29607
4 User Responses

The office staff is the worst in Greenville, the only person that went out of their way to help you doesn't even work there anymore. They always act like they are doing you a favor to wait on you, especially when I bring my children in, which they despise. Their model is on the 2nd floor, how are handicap people supposed to look at it? Not that Snoopy would care because she would never show apartments, just scream at you if your rent is five minutes late and the only reason you were late is because your father just died. Trust me, put your money into a house which is how much it cost to live here!

To me it seems like livedhereforyears and justmystyle are part of the office staff. Wherever there is a complaint, there is a livedhereforyears and justmystyle hero to save the day for Carlyle. What they don't get is that people tell about THEIR experiences, not about livedhereforyears's and justmystyle's.
I think it's funny how the office staff secretly puts nice plugs about themselves in as if they are true tenants. I think it's hilarious how snobbish they are considering they work in the front office of an apartment complex. APARTMENTS! I mean, how snobbish can you be, none of these people are fit to own. Get off your high horse.
I think you worked here for a while
I agree. The office staff is not very nice. In fact, they are want to be snobs and like they are better than everyone else. News flash, they're not! They need to focus on the tenants and not themselves.

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