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When the new management took over in April of 2009 there have been many changes. They have a courtesy officer (Greenville Police Department) living with us whose fellow officers patrol this area while he is on shift. The management is very helpful and accomodating. If they cannot answer the question, they will get the answer for you. I have lived in this complex for 2 years and see the difference. The maintenance department always takes care of necessary repairs and always welcomes feedback and questions. It is unfortunate that several people have had a bad experience but a lot has changed in the last several months. Ni, Sabeyi, Donny and Jason are wonderful people. They have really worked make a difference in this community.

I am considering moving to these apartments and I know you said that it is a lot better now that it's under new management...I was just wondering if you think it would be safe for a 24 year old female to live there alone because I am just a bit worried. Thanks for your help!

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