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Just waiting for my lease to run out. There are so many things wrong here now. When it was Ashley Park it was clean, they cleaned the hallways weekly and they cleaned the pool weekly it's open year round. The hallway hasn't been cleaned since January it is now May. The pool has been cleaned twice. They don't screen the new people that they are renting to and it has filled up with trash. All they care about is filling the empty apartments as fast as possible. We have not had an exterminator here since January, they always came in once a month, we had no bugs then. The floors are so thin we hear every noise, I swear the people upstairs have a bowling alley or maybe a skate park in their apartment, with no children there we shouldn't be able to hear that much noise, you can't keep kids quiet no matter how good they are and we wouldn't expect them to. Not sure about the office staff they don't talk to you other than to say thank you for the rent money...I don't even know their names. Now they are going to raise the rent and start charging for water so it's time to go..they are turning it into a welfare housing complex. Please don't rent here and regret it everyday that you have to stay here until your lease expires. Don't fall for the Demo apartment either it is NOTHING like the apartment you will get and they don't show you your real apartment until they give you the key to move in. And why the heck did they change the name to Cherry Grove Commons we are no where near Cherry Grove.

Last Updated: 05/08/12

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