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Apartments for "Peppermill 2125 Universal City Blvd. Universal City, TX 78148"


Peppermill Apartments

2125 Universal City Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148

    01/28/15 by anonymous: We signed a 7 month lease. We paid a deposit which they kept. Because of my fiances job has us traveling alot we had to leave a month before our lease was up but we paid for that last month. We were never late with our rent or water. A month after we moved out I got a call from the assistant manager stating that we owe for the water which I mailed a money order after I got off the phone with her. more


    Cimarron City Apartments

    1950 Universal City Boulevard, Universal City, TX 78148

      11/23/14 by anonymous: I currently live here and I been her for almost 2 years now. I did not start having issues till the new management came. It took them weeks to come fix my heater while inside my home was below 50 degrees. Maintenance told me just turn on my oven. Which by the way doesnt work. For a month now I have been trying to get my bathroom fixed and it has not happened. I wouldn't recommend these to my more


      Carolina Apartments

      230 E Wright Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148

        Langley Apartments

        125 E Langley Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148


          1950 universal city blvd, San Antonio, TX 78108

            Robinson Manor Apartments

            2205 Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX 78148

              05/10/12 by anonymous: I have lived at these apartments for 4 years. Unfortunately, my job is taking me on the road. I have had a great experience living here and if I ever change jobs I'll come back. The tenants and management are like family. The best place I've ever lived!! more


              Meadowpark Townhomes

              549 Dukeway, Universal City, TX 78148

                05/05/10 by anonymous: This was the best place we ever lived. The manager Janie is the absoulte best. She keept the complex so clean and cute. more


                Universal City Lofts

                3450 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Universal City, CA 90068

                  Pebble Beach Village

                  402 E Aviation Blvd, Universal City, TX 78148

                    08/16/14 by anonymous: I've lived here for almost four years and it used to be good place but when the old company sold it all the criminals and delinquents came back and its went downhill my window got busted the assailant admitted to the management they did it never told the police she told me just ignore them and I did then my car tires and window and apartment door got vandalized worst part of this they put more


                    Sunrise Canyon Apartments

                    501 Sunrise Canyon Drive, Universal City, TX 78148

                      11/07/14 by Verified Resident: I love it, its a super cute first home! Everything is clean and well mantained! The staff is all very friendly! And so our the other residents! There's alot of military people here my family included! more