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Apartments for "The Lodge on Perrin Creek 2355 Austin Hwy. San Antonio, TX 78218"


Lodge on Perrin Creek (formerly Trails End)

2355 Austin Highway, San Antonio, TX 78218

    02/03/14 by anonymous: This place is a dump. Gates always broken,pool was closed for most of summer. Crime is a problem here my neighbors car was broken into 3 times (you can still see the glass in the parking lot). Utility bills are way too high due to lack of insulation. My ac would never get below 80 degrees in the summertime when I called for maintenance the guy said "I can do noithing". Place is more


    Cross Creek Apartments

    2818 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218

      05/21/12 by anonymous: Lived in this location for 1 year. I needed a larger place to live because I was pregnant and already had a 3 year old son. Yes I was on the housing program and only paid 24 dollars a month for rent but was it really worth it??? NO I lived directly in front of a crack dealer and she was proud to be a crack dealer. She even had someone put on my cable for some crack and I didnt request it.  more


      Oak Manor Apartments

      2330 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218

        02/25/14 by anonymous: Not A Good Place Too Stay There Verry Racist The Manger Sylvia Ain't On Her Job She's Keep The Wrong People In Here Like Drug Dealers And Mess With Da People Who Don't Do ---- Trying Nd Throwing The Wrong People Out Anywho These Apartments Are Verry Roach They Got Of Lot Of Them Sylvia Really Messing With The Wrong People Out Here She Needs Too Be Gone And She Got People Who Work In more


        Bentwood Place Apartments

        1111 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78209

          02/05/07 by anonymous: I moved in here in 2003. My husband had an apartment here when we first met, and he still had some time on his lease, so I moved in shortly after we got married...at first the location really appealed to me...Austin Highway near Broadway, great location - or so I thought. This place was Hooker Central - I agree!! My husband invited a hooker up to our apartment and had a conversation more


          Aloha Inn

          1435 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78209

            Legacy Heights

            1320 Austin Hwy., San Antonio, TX 78209

              09/28/14 by legalos585: I've been at Legacy for about 4 months. While relatively inexpensive, it does come with a price. The management is the worst I've seen. Completely disregard the residents. There is a huge feral cat issue, created by the residents feeding the stray cats. Management outright says they will not do anything about it. When attempting to contact the regional manager, they will not more


              Perrin Crest Apartments

              12660 Uhr Lane, San Antonio, TX 78217

                01/09/13 by anonymous: Perrin crest,sucks big nuts they never fix anything it's,dirty nasty and leaks everyone ,it rains do not rent here unless,your desperate no not even desperate this,place,is a,hell hole more


                Perrin Square Condominiums

                9511 Perrin Beitel Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217

                  10/06/14 by anonymous: My experience has been horrible i in every aspect from maintenance (non existent) to promises,to their accounting system very shifty always get a receipt and always always save everything. I found the office people to be very rude and totally uneducated the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing and you'll get caught in the middle of ignorant storm . I absolutely would not more


                  Rosillo Creek

                  5239 Eisenhauer Road, San Antonio, TX 78218

                    05/22/14 by csadangel: Hello everyone I'm reviewing this page as 1 star (because I can't give 0) because I unfortunately learned that my contract that I signed was somehow lost and replaced with FORGED signatures from the property manager at an internacional realty apartment saying I agreed to pay more rent which I never did. I was dealing with ----- and instead of being helpful, she kept complaining about more


                    Quail Creek Village Apartments

                    8438 Quail Crk, San Antonio, TX 78218

                      01/25/13 by anonymous: Maintenance is horrible and the women running the front office are pains to deal with. They don't care about the residence on property, their attitudes are nasty (especially Crystal ) the up keep on the property is not good what so ever for the price,minimal hot water and last but not least, it's rat infested! I haven't heard of much crime because I stay to myself but I more