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Apartments for "Villas at Westheimer 2727 Synott Rd Houston, TX 77082"


Villas at Westheimer

2727 Synott, Houston, TX 77082

    11/20/14 by anonymous: Regretfully I write this review so early in my lease (only have lived here less than a month and already......). Please be aware that packages will mysteriously disappear after you have rec'd a statement from the vendor and the post office that it was delivered. My experience: I have never had a package to go missing for the last 10-15 years accepted by any residence except for where I more


    Findit Apartment Locators on Westheimer Rd

    10670 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

      Ashford Creek Apartments

      3803 Synott Rd, Houston, TX 77082

        11/16/13 by anonymous: Unfortunately, in the past 2 months some of the new residents seem to feel it is acceptable to hang out in front of the apartments in the parking lots. If they would go inside at a reasonable hour I would not mind so much. Or if they would hang out in front of their apartments, it'd be better. All 3 groups of people doing this are 2nd floor dwellers. They have been asked nicely to more



        6156 South Loop East, Houston, TX 77087

          12/04/12 by anonymous: I have been living at the Villas apartments for about 3 years now, and in the past I have had some issues with getting stuff done in my apartment but since the new management has taken over they have been taking care of the things I have been calling for and the improvements on the property are looking a lot better. If it continues to improve I will renew my lease when it is up, the more


          Oaks Of Ashford Point

          4040 Synott Rd, Houston, TX 77082

            07/03/14 by ebeauty504: I absolutely hate these apartments. I have a horrible cock roach problem under my bathroom sink I found over 20 dead roaches over a 3 day period. I've had several problems from day one and the management is poor. I will be breaking my lease because I've complained and I cannot live here any longer I will be reporting them to the health department and I've already contacted my more


            Hartford Park Apartments

            3939 Synott Rd, Houston, TX 77082

              11/13/14 by diamonddiva89: I have never had a problem with the property manager in fact she is really nice to me, Merisol is ok she has her times of when she wants to be nice and other times when she isn't. Now that new individual Rebecca who is in the front has been a total bitch every single time I had to go in there, just never friendly. I haven't had any problems with my unit or with other residents but I more


              7979 Westheimer Apartments

              7979 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063

                07/30/14 by becharamh: Advertisement they put on is not real, I rented a TH 3Bed and 3 Bathroom unit and it is mentioned that it has washer and dryer in unit, when I made my contract they said it is not availabel (only hook-up connection). now I have to rent it or to buy. what a shame. more


                Southchase Apartments

                9330 Synott Rd, Houston, TX 77083

                  10/13/14 by anonymous: This is the worst complex ever. The parking lot has large holes and now they are charging the tenants to park on site in reserve space which is uncovered. If you do not pay you are allowed to park against the fence in the back, I live upfront, not enough security lighting when you come home at night. No dishwasher in unit, deep indentation in floors, when you walk you can feel the holes. Poor more


                  Waterford On Westheimer

                  13099 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77082

                    03/16/14 by yayfop: Let me start by saying the apt complex does have a few pros, but they are greatly outweighed by the cons. Pros: -Fairly well kept. Sure, there's some dog poop and trash here and there, but they do for the most part pick up major debris. -Has a car wash bay (though the hose absolutely sucks, it's still free) -Has a's nothing special, but it's got all more


                    Westheimer Terrace

                    9407 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77063

                      10/10/14 by XOSUNKIST: WARNING! DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT MOVE HERE! THE MANAGER BY THE NAME OF FRANCIS IS EVIL AND WILL TRY TO SCREW YOU AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. DO NOT MOVE HERE unless you are willing to share your apartment with HUNDREDS of roaches! This was not a problem PEST CONTROL can fix (they came out once a month and I personally paid 50 dollars to get my apartment treated by an outside vendor). I even end I more