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Apartments for "Villas at Westheimer 2727 Synott Rd Houston, TX 77082"


Findit Apartment Locators on Westheimer Rd

10670 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

    Villas at Westheimer

    2727 Synott, Houston, TX 77082

      12/17/14 by anonymous: WORTHLESS CUSTOMER SERVICE, BEWARE!!!! The living space is great but the business office personnel are terrible and incompetant. They are there to push as many papers around per day as they can and pay no attention to the wants or needs of residents. You have a giant an infestation in your apt? We'll send someone out next week. You rented a 2 bedroom with 2 car garage under contract for 15 more


      01/07/15 by Verified Resident: Well it's been good for the most part. The staff and maintenance have been very professional and caring about my needs as a resident here and that is a good thing. They are always up beat and professional when ever I had to call or just walk-in.. more



      12100 Metric Boulevard, Austin, TX 78758

        03/25/15 by Verified Resident: I have really enjoyed living here. It been wonderful. I love my home. The leasing staff is friendly and informative. The maintenance staff is prompt and knowledgeable. The apartments are very well manicured. The pool area and lounge is wonderful as well. more



        2727 Elmside Drive, Houston, TX 77042

          10/25/14 by DWils1: First let me assure you that I am not an angry past resident who would resort to lying on this community. This community sucks!!! They have a serious roach problem, especially since they charge so much rent for two bedrooms. I originally stayed in one apartment and the roaches ran me out of that one. I then switched to another apartment and they were bad there as well. I used their pest control more


          Reside at 2727

          2727 North Pine Grove , Chicago, IL 60614

            12/14/13 by Verified Resident: The building has a nice overall appearance and is quiet for the most part. The location is great and management is courteous. However, Parking is quite pricey for the value and the laundry room has no ac/heat. more


            The Westheimer (Formerly Alexan Westheimer)

            2001 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77098

              01/09/15 by anonymous: I LOVE the location of these apartments. My husband works a little more than 10 minutes away and I grab a cab to downtown to get to work. Its very convenient. I love the property too - just so contemporary and fancy. The front office is always friendly - the new girl who likes the Ravens(Bless her heart...GO TEXANS!) is nice and always very helpful when I come to the office. Its definitely a more


              Waterford On Westheimer

              13099 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77082

                02/10/15 by Jkirby: GET OUT! Remember that movie saying? Well I didn't listen, and boy have I been paying for it. If you search by the address you'll find enough reviews to know this isn't as advertised. I pay $1515 a month to listen to every step the people above me take. My complaints are just added to piles already received. If you don't have a garage and CHL, you should be worried living more


                Palms on Westheimer

                6425 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77057

                  03/24/15 by ejsanchez1986: These apartments are pretty good if your on a budget or just don't mind the people you live around. The front area of the complex is well maintained and that's the only area you'll see when you're taken on a tour. The model apartments are at the front so you don't see the state of things at the back unless you drive around at the end of your tour. The apartments are cheap more