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Hidden Creek
7710 Brainerd Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37421
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The apartments themselves are nice enough, although I've had somewhat of a problem with ants and the maintainence staff broke my door and then did not fix it properly. The staff ,however, is incredibly rude and depending on who you ask each of them will tell you something different. The staff sends out some of the rudest and most offensive letters accusing tenants but they will send them out as blamket letters to an entire building justifying their unprofessionalism. I had a issue with my rent one month and had to pay the utilities late to the complex, yes you pay part of your utilies to Hidden Creek and not the electric company. I called the office and asked a staff if paying the rent on time but the utilities late would be ok. She said yes, then I got a phone call about a week later staying that I could not do that and they would charge me a fee for the utilities being late. I said okay and then I got a notice that said they would not except the rent check I gave them until I paid the utilities and that they were going to add more late charges putting my out about 100 dollars. everytime I went into the office the manager would scowl at me. When I confronted her about the door she made it sound as of it were my fault even though maintenence had attached my chain lock to a broken piece of wood on the door. I am completely fed up with these people and will not be signing a new lease when mine is up.

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