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Park Ridge Apartments

728 Frawley Road, East Ridge, TN 37412
% Recommended
City Average

The absolute worse place to live! The complex is ran down and they seem to never invest in updating anything on the property. They are very nosey and she has the maintience men watching and reporting back to her. She tries… Full Review ▶


I was originally attracted to the complex because of the lower rates and stricter policies. I'm 26, single & a working professional just wanting a safe place to lay my head at night & pay off my student loans sooner !… Full Review ▶


Absolute worse apartment complex I have ever lived in. I am from a large city and have lived in various complexes. The complex manager, Lindy, is very unprofessional and borderline psychotic. I was discriminated because of my age multiple times. I… Full Review ▶


I liked the actual apartment (although the tennis court, hot tub, and weight room needed repairs), and the rent was affordable. However, the staff is completely unprofessional and that's why I cannot recommend it. Basically, I was being watched the whole… Full Review ▶


They will say all the right things to get you in the door, but as soon as you move in, it becomes unbearable. You are under their constant scrutiny and judgment. They have a terrible attitude towards their residents and try… Full Review ▶


The good: Location is convenient, Quiet most of the time. Landscaping is nice. The bad: Apartment managers too intrusive, Felt like I was in elementary schol again with a teacher who can't wait for you to break the smallest of rules… Full Review ▶


I would not recommend living here. The management is two-faced and aren't willing to be of help after moving in. We had to sit through their religious spiel and listening to them say how cheap Koreans are. Very offensive! If you… Full Review ▶


I really enjoyed my stay. The office and maintenance staff went out of their way to make sure my stay was great. Very christian, professional, and great to uphold the lease and make sure I knew my responsiblities and they did… Full Review ▶


I enjoyed my stay very much and had no problems or complaints. Thanks to all the great maintenance staff and to the great office staff. I read all the reviews before I moved in and can tell you that the grips… Full Review ▶


I enjoyed my stay very much. The staff is friendly and helpful. Maint. is great and timely. Parking can be a challenge at times, but only due to all the free-loaders the hog the place after hours and not managements fault… Full Review ▶


I had a fine time here, and all the other things said was not true at all. People who just want to damage the reputation of the place should not be allowed to write things. I can guarentee that who ever… Full Review ▶


I think what attracted me the most to this place was the low rent. I am a single college student so the rates for a one bedroom apartment were decent. However, after living here I found that the management was very… Full Review ▶


I am so glad that some people below had great experiences, but I am so glad I am out that place. The staff is horrible. I would never suggest someone with kids, doesn't smoke, or enjoys good service to live there.… Full Review ▶


The phone number is always busy. Full Review ▶


The apartments themselves are nice not very well taken care of at all. I think there solution is just cover it up with paint, cabinets are over 20 years old, the floor is cafeteria tile, very old appliances, they say in… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I have not, nor would I ever live here. The problem is with the managers. They are very bad, impolite and intolerant people. You were warned. Full Review ▶


My family and I lived there for a year. It is a good starting out place. The rent is low for the area. But you do get what you pay for. The parking spots are really tiny. If you have a… Full Review ▶


I have lived her for a few months. I like it. The walls are a bit thin, as most apartments are. The parking lot is tiny and you have to sqeeze out of your car in order not to hit the… Full Review ▶


I lived in Park Ridge for 3 years and loved it at first. My last year there, they must have really been desperate for renters, because anything and everything began moving in. Rude, loud neighbors were not uncommon, and that made… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 488
11 $ 450
21.5 $ 598


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

Rent Trends

Year Beds Baths Avg. Monthly Rent Range
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