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One Williamsburg Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075
% Recommended
City Average

I love Williamsburg! I have lived in Hendersonville on and off for the majority of my life and can say that Williamsburg has the most convenient location as well as value for a renter. I can get anywhere I need to… Full Review ▶


I do not recommend these apartments. All they care about is the money. They don't care about you. The office people are extremely rude and won't help you fix any of the issues you have. The walls are super thin so… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

Well, I was considering this place but after reading these reviews, NO WAY!!! As far as the water bill not being divided fairly, seems all apartments are like that. Doesnt seem fair for 1 person to have to pay the same… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 3 years and like it a lot. Nice complex and good service. Full Review ▶


READ BEFORE RENTING - Do NOT rent here! The leasing office made a mistake with our lease, so we got out of it early (thankfully, they were trying to increase our rent $200!) and they lost the revenue between when we… Full Review ▶


The pictures on this listing are not of a typical apartment in this complex. Most apartments are very dated with old appliances. The rent has increased every year I've been here. In four leases the rent has increased $93.00. Full Review ▶


I love our apartment- I just wish you could choose your neighbors!We are a married couple with a toddler child and have 3-19 year old party girls living upstairs.So needless to say, they don't mix together.But the apartment is nice and… Full Review ▶


I can't wait to get enough money to break this lease. They tell you one thing then the next minute it's "No we never said that." Teaches me to find a place and move in instantly. They never go by their… Full Review ▶


When we first moved in we had a 1/1 and it was a great size, but the bathroom tub always molded over real quick. We had a/c issues that we could never figure out and was really frustrating during the summer… Full Review ▶


When I first moved there I thought this is going to be a great place. Then when I walked into the apartment the walls were all painted flat white so everything showed,including the bad repairs to the holes in the wall.… Full Review ▶


good place to live very happy Full Review ▶


I have now lived here 3 years and plan to sign another lease. I'm sure everyone has issues from time to time while living in apartments. I have enjoyed living here and would recommend these to any of my friends.The staff… Full Review ▶


I lived here for 7 years. It started off okay but soon it sucked. There is never enough parking.People dont clean up after dogs.Some office staff not helpful.Cant get rid of brownreclouse spiders.5 ppl that lived there that I know of… Full Review ▶


We have lived at Williamsburg for almost two years now and really like it. The closet space is more than adequate, the bedrooms and living room are huge and we really enjoy our screened-in patio. We have felt good about recommending… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for over a year and I am planning on renewing my lease. The office staff is very friendly and helpful when I have problems or concerns. I would recommend the apartments to anyone that wants to live… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Williamsburg for several years now, and I have had nothing but problems from the very beginning! From the time I signed my lease to now there have been several different managers and office staff... and the management… Full Review ▶


My family and I have lived at Williamsburg for three years and we definitely feel at home here. I often have to work late and I have never felt that my wife and child were unsafe because, unlike a lot of… Full Review ▶


My family and I have lived at Williamsburg for almost a year. We have two small little guys that love the playground and pool. Our apartment is a great place to make a home with huge bedrooms and living area. The… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Williamsburg for 2 1/2 years and I absolutely love it! I originally moved there because I had a friend who lived there and I just loved his apartment when I would visit. The community is great and… Full Review ▶


This place is awful! The maintenance women is a nightmare and she is always rude. We had to pay a pet deposit and an extra $15 a month, just to have a pet. My vehicle along with a several others was… Full Review ▶


This place really hasn't improved. We have lived here for 4 years, and we are not going to stay any longer. The bedrooms are not huge, we feel like this place gets smaller every day we live here. The two bedroom… Full Review ▶


I read some of the other reviews from the last few years, and since they have been bought by new management, I have seen so many great improvements! They are renovating a lot of apartments now and the facilities. We have… Full Review ▶


These apartments are nothing like their demo apartment. If anything goes wrong (mold, brown recluse spiders, outdated appliances that catch on fire or just don't work, the drywall caves in due to water leaks, etc.) you generally get blamed for the… Full Review ▶


I have lived in Williamsburg for two years. There have been the problems mentioned by some of the other authors, but it IS an apartment. I have shopped around and you will NOT find another apartment with 13x11 bedrooms for this… Full Review ▶


I have only lived here for a month and a half and I have had to call maintenance 4 times. They have come out everytime in a timely manner but didn't fix what needed to be fixed. I have said something… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 2yrs and I do not plan to renew my lease. You are sharing rent with the spiders. I have killed so many spiders that is not even funny. They increase your rent by 20 to 30… Full Review ▶


The grounds are not well kept with candy wrappers and soda cans. It only took them 10 months for fix my garbage disposal. When you approach management they are rude and unprofessional. I am moved here for because of more room… Full Review ▶


Im a past resident of Williamsburg. As far as all the other reviews I agree with the parking. To make sure you get a spot you better get there early. The apartments are really nice. There not perfect by no means… Full Review ▶


I am a resident,and have been for almost a year. Lets just say this I HATE IT HERE!!! The parking is horrible, people don't care about your car, they will door it every time. I have to park far away from… Full Review ▶


have lived at wiliamsburg 2yrs management will tell you anything they think you want to here to resolve issues but they lie to you and tell you they will handlethe problem to get you to staybut they dont care because if… Full Review ▶


I am a current resident and am planning on moving. The office staff are absolutely terrible & rude, (when you can even catch them in the office.. in the warmer months, you've got to go outside to the pool and get… Full Review ▶


Rent is too high! When it is time for your renewal, just plan to move, because they will increase your rent by a huge amount. Here you have to pay your own water bill, and trash and you have to pay… Full Review ▶


I've rented several apartments and THs and this is by far the worst. The building looks fine, but many units have had floods due to poor plumbing, so watch out moulds and another flood. If any resident feels safe there, it… Full Review ▶


I have had, for the most part, a pretty ok stay at the apartments. That is as long as I stay 20 feet away from the people at the office. They are, to say in the least, unprofessional, unfriendly, slow, and… Full Review ▶


The Apartments are nice and spacious. No external disturbance. Seemed safe. Externally maintained well. Good Gym and pool.

But there are few issues one might consider to check before moving into these apartments. I moved from Texas and I was not… Full Review ▶


We have now had our 4th flood. The first three were from the same problem, that was suposedly fixed. finally, after a month of almost weekly floods it was fixed. Recently we have had another flood. nearly our entire apartment was… Full Review ▶


Worst staff ever! They like to "rig" stuff instead of fixing it. Takes 4-5 days after you first call to get anything "fixed". Rent is too high for such a tiny apartment. SPIDERS are a HUGH problem at Williamsburg, yet they… Full Review ▶


I was reading the reviews about the apartments I have lived in for 2 years and thought I would give my opinion. I am a single mother and can say this is a safe place, a good community and the staff… Full Review ▶


The folks who maintain the complex are extremely responsive and curtious. The apartment we are in is fantastic. The Williamsburg folks are constantly updating the complex to meet the renter's needs. The pool is nice although can get crowded like any… Full Review ▶


Worst apartment ever! Toliets are cheap and take 6 or 7 min to flush ( making your water bill go up, yes you have to pay for your own water, and trash pick up) PARKING is terrible!!! You have to walk… Full Review ▶


My husband and I have just moved out of Williamsburg after living there for 6 years. We have just bought a house, and this is the only reason we've decided to move. We loved it there, and the office staff was… Full Review ▶


When I found Williamsburg Apts, I thought it would be great. We were renting for the summer and had to find the place over the internet (were visiting from ID). The pics of Williamsburg were wonderful and they had a short… Full Review ▶


This place is infested with spiders. We notified the office and they assured us that the apartment would be exterminated. Williamsburg never had the apartment sprayed. They denied everything, and said that we were not put on their list. Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


When I moved in there were stains on the carpet that they would not take care of.

There is also some mold growth within the paint in one of the bathrooms and in the laundry room.

There was a… Full Review ▶


I was bitten by a brown recluse spider, after I had reported the problem 4 times to the office. I was in and out of the hospital for 2 weeks due to complications. When I told them what had happened they… Full Review ▶


With the screened in patios and the quiet neighborhood, this is where I live. This is a great place to live. the mantance is great and so is the sweet leasing lady in the office. I´m glad I chose Williamsburg. Full Review ▶


I chose to live at Williamsburg because I got such a great deal. The usual rent for the apartment was $640 with a deposit. They let us have it for $600 per month with no deposit. How could I pass that… Full Review ▶

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