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Tulip Grove

4701 Lebanon Road, Hermitage, TN 37076
% Recommended
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We have been at this apartment for only seven months and it is the worst place any human should live All kinds of problems to attend to. The worst of them all BEDS BUGS, it an infestation in the place. In… Full Review ▶


STAY FAR AWAY!!!!! THESE APARTMENTS SUCK!!! I HATE LIVING HERE!!!!!!! The electric n water is tooo damb high and the maintence team here sucks!!! The ppl who work in the office treat and talk to you like your ---- and belittle… Full Review ▶


Tulip Grove is not all that bad as everyone makes it out to be. I am a single young professional. The rent is cheap and I like the layout. I am not high maintance so it works for me. I work… Full Review ▶


To be honest this place plum sucks!!!!! The location is good but other than that, it has been a total biology lessen for us. We have learned that there is more than 1 species of cockroaches, We have learned what silverfish… Full Review ▶


This is a sorry place to live... ------ bully's the tenants talks to them like they are dogs..... The maintenance guy ----- does nothing but ----- with the women tenants offers them favors for doing things for him .... He does… Full Review ▶


Since we moved to Tulip Grove two years ago, we have really enjoyed living at this community. The grounds look clean and well kept. I also appreciate the quick response we get from the staff when we need maintenance. One of… Full Review ▶


Tulip Gove is not a glamorous upscale community..HOWEVER, the staff is friendly, and if you need a place to live, it's a decent place, and practical..GREAT location..everything is in walking distance including bus line to get downtown. Plus the rent rates… Full Review ▶


Water and electric bill are incredibly high. the a/c unit is so old and not efficient. Utility bills may cost you up to $300 per month in the summer months. Office management will not give you any clue as to the… Full Review ▶


THIS COMMUNITY IS FAR TO EXPENSIVE FOR WHAT IS OUT THERE .. U rent a 2 Bedroom for around 650.00 then u have to pay water which will take it to about 680.00 a month , the apts are run down,… Full Review ▶


Pros: 1. Very close to gas stations, stores (Super Walmart, Publix, Dollar General Market, Peebles, Ross Dress for Less, Hollywood Video, Blockbusters Video, Krogers, CVS Drugstore, Walgreens, restaurants (Mcdonald's, Taco Bell, Whitts Barbecue, Cici's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Subway, Chinese Restaurant). Could… Full Review ▶


From day one this place has been hell to live here. The building I live in has a bunch of crack heads, --------------------------. I have had problems with fights among spouses in public and music blasting like it is from a… Full Review ▶


The last posting was kinda strong, don't ya think... This is far from the projects and like the post said they read reviews, and I am sure came to visit before deciding to move here so they must have liked what… Full Review ▶


this is what i saw when first lookin into moving here on ratings and i didnt believe it at first until you go open a door and it falls off of the laundry doors fall off on top of you or… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for two and a half months and I'm ready to move out already. When the people who lived underneath me moved out, there was no activity down there for about 5 days, then all of a sudden… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for a while and have been very happy. A coworked referred me since I was new to area didn't know much about it. He has moved on with a house and not because of any problem here.… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for almost 2 years and have been very happy. When I moved here I was new to the area and a co-worker that lived here referred me. The staff has been here for a long time and… Full Review ▶


I have lived here since July/August 2008, and havent had a problem. The landlord was very nice when we moved in. We were in a tight situation where another apartment complex had ripped us off and Tulip Grove was very understanding… Full Review ▶


i moved into tulip grove in 1998 i could not pass a credit check and discussed this with the on-site manager we came to a monetary agreement where i would pay in cash a set amount directly to the on-site manager… Full Review ▶


I wouldn't recommend this apartment complex to anyone. Several of the tenants lurk around the corners and stir up as much trouble as they can. Be careful with your children. If the manager feels like it she will pull your children… Full Review ▶


I have lived in Tulip Grove Apartments going on 8 years now. I must say that I love living in this community where the staff is always friendly and available. I have never lived anywhere else where the Manager and staff… Full Review ▶


I moved into a 3-bedroom apt at this complex in fall 1999 with my roommate. Initially, it was the two of us and her daughter, but shortly after moving in my roommate left to get married, which left me with a… Full Review ▶


Late getting the apartment ready. Bad problem with the cock roaches. Maintenance was only positve. Management was poor, they tried to cheat us, and they still owe us our depsoit. Full Review ▶


My fiance and I signed a six month lease here, knowing we would be moving out of town soon. I have to say, we are sad to be leaving. The staff here have been excellent! I have felt from the beginning… Full Review ▶


Kim is a good Manager. If you have something against her, your probably not paying rent or your causing problems. Love it here! Full Review ▶


I have lived here many months and can tell you, a slum would be a better place to live. If you move here, you will have to contend with a resource officer who never returns your calls, management who is powerless… Full Review ▶


I am a 17 year old male living currently in Tulip Grove apartments with my mother. Quite frankly, I see no major faults with Tulip Grove. In fact, compared to some of the other places I´ve lived before, it´s quite a… Full Review ▶


I have lived here many months and can tell you, a slum would be a better place to live. If you move here, you will have to contend with a resource officer who never returns your calls, management who is powerless… Full Review ▶

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21 $ 800
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  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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