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3 User Responses

NOT only does this place have some of the most inconsiderate , rude, untrustworthy people that I have ever met as staff members, they are also THIEVES. They will steal your packages and claim they never arrived. Then be rude to you like it is your fault. They will creep all around your home and take pictures of your things and put them on file. They will lie and say there are complaints against you when there has been none. They will single you out upon their own discretion because they have nothing else to worry about in there sad , pathetic, 7 dollar and hr lives. Moving here was a mistake. They are not only disrespectful , they show massive racism and single out and bully who they want. RUN.

I stopped by Polo Park to inquire about vacancies. This was in April of 2013. The office staff was far more concerned about eating than taking care of a prospective tenant. Tip to management: If you wish to dine in peace, put a "Back at..." on the door and lock it.
I said they DID seem pretty rude. It's just kind of ridiculous to think they would risk pulling these things just to get your stuff or make your life miserable. All I'm saying is that it would be much more helpful if these reviews weren't either badly behaving residents out to settle a grudge or overly positive, fake reviews placed by the staff.
Of course they didn't seem rude to you AT FIRST. They want your money silly. I thought the same thing.

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