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Brandywine Apartments
1310 Cedar Lane, Tullahoma, TN 37388
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Michelle Pierson, manager in tullahoma tn who works under Pamela McGhee of Morrow Reality in Al.Did knowingly lied to 3 police officers based her opinions and gossip involving a case that the court
dismissed with no charges 3 years earlier. Visitors, to my apt at least, are given the 3rd degree about why they are there. Michelle stated that because of a city ordnance rule, one disabled tenant was not allowed to walk in her apt from 10pm-9am.
Late notices with fee charges are usually posted a day or two after rent is paid. My windows were replaced because managment didnt like the color. Now the color is fine but the wind whistles thru the inch gap at the bottom.Thats been several months ago

Last Updated: 03/12/12

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