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Shady Valley Square Apartments
3206 Green Tee Dr, Arlington, TX 76013
2 User Responses

Possibly best area for an apartment community, sad the owners and management dont treat it as such. Would have left before now except for the surrounding neighborhood. Management could care less about their renters. Maintenance is a joke, the grounds look like your in the dust bowl, they have empty apts with trash and furnishings left by prior tenants. They dont enforce picking up after your dogs ( there are alot of very big dogs!) not enough washers and dryers and always there are some that do not work. In Texas in the summer it is imperative to have a clean and safe pool, especially if you have children, but as with everything else here, not managements concern, there are not even people in pool most days and they still cant keep it clean and cool. (surprised city hasnt shut it down yet) When i moved in my apt dog hair had been painted over all my walls, broken glass in the window frames, i could go on and on. They had a woman that worked in office part time when i moved in and she was one of the reasons i decided to move here, she was the sweetest person and if you told her things that needed to get fixed she made sure they got fixed, she was awesome! Surprise, they let here go a month ago saying that had to cut down, they couldnt afford to pay her anymore ( guess maybe thats because manager gets his three bedroom, two car garage with washer and dryer comp) They hired a maintenance man couple a months ago and he actually seemed like he new what he was doing, he is already gone. Now maintenance is more friends and family of management (how conveinent) the owners live in california and management is longtime friends, so you see what seems to be going on. SUCH A SHAME THIS PLACE COULD BE AWESOME

P.S. they pick and choose who has to pay pet deposits


This apartment building is only 114 units and we had two office managers in the office- only one is needed and the assistant was kept on for a long time just to have extra customer service while improvements were made around the property. all of the above info is untrue- owners just received resident surveys back and 99 percent of them were 5 out of 5 stars across the board. this is just an ungratefull ex employee that wants to get personal. I am sorry you feel this way but the owners will continue to improve the property and make this a great home for families that want to get into the Arlington ISD and the great community surrounding. a quick drive by will prove that the above info is all slander.
I couldnt agree more! You took 90% of the words right out of my mouth! I lived there over a year and finally got out of ther about 6 months ago! I am so sorry your having to deal with this! I even contacted the woners adn told them almost verbatum what you said and as you can see.....nothing has changed!

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