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Chaparosa Apartments
3110 Red River St, Austin, TX 78705
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I moved into this place following suggestion from a family member who lived here when she attended school year about 7 years ago. She lived in a one bedroom, while I rented a 3 bedroom.

1. Location. Location is great because there is a bus stop right outside of the apartment to and from! The bus stop to get onto campus is second to last, so you don't have to sit through other stops, and the bus stop to get back to the apartment is across the street and is the third stop from its main pick-up place in front of the stadium. Buses come and go pretty frequently and I usually only have to wait a max 10 minutes in the morning, but it gets a little less frequent at night. Sometimes I even skip trying to wait for the bus and just walk to the stadium (the main bus port) and that's about a 10 minute walk. Plus you can avoid heavy traffic and party parkers because its North Campus! There's a Jimmy Johns and convenience store as well as a Wells Fargo across the street, so yay for walking distance! There's also an H.E.B. down the street with a lot of other good stores in the shopping center.

2. Pests. I've read about a lot of roaches, but I've seen none so far! Maybe only 1, and that was on the stairs outside. I haven't run into any other bugs either. When I moved in, my landlord advised me to refrain from leaving food out, so maybe that's why I haven't seen any yet.

3. Management and Landlords. My landlord is really sweet! One of our first complaints was about the sink disposal not working, and she came in about a week later and fixed it for us. She was even nice enough to wait until one of us were home to come and fix it, so I guess that means that she didn't want to intrude! Construction is a bit loud and can sometimes be a hassle, but I'm usually out of my apartment in the morning so I don't mind the sound at all.

4. Parking. I don't drive myself, but my roommates and I only use one car. Its not that hard to ask for parking for overnight guests. Just ask a few days in advance. And if you just need temporary parking, its pretty easy to have your friends park just around the corner on one of the neighborhood streets. It's a max 5 minute walk!

5. Utilities. My utilities were included in the bill which i'm SO grateful for but it's only a temporary thing that my landlord is trying out. Water is always working, both hot and cold. My AC works fine and has never broken down, but I don't think there's heat? The thermosat is pretty old so I don't really know how to work it, but the AC works just fine. There is a washer/dryer room downstairs and the washer is fine, but I usually find myself having to dry my clothes twice because its not dry the first time!

6. Neighbors and sound. Most of the other tenants are music majors I think, so you'll sometimes hear them practicing when walking by their window. I enjoy classical music though, so I don't mind. The windows are pretty thin so you can hear anyone walking and talking outside, and I can hear everything from my bedroom window as well. The hospital can sometimes be a bother when there is an emergency at night. Also, since you can hear people outside, people can also hear you. I had a party last week and had one of my neighbors across from me come over and ask me to turn it down, but I didn't mind since I already received a warning when I moved in that I should try to keep quiet so that I wouldn't bother other people.

Other than that, I love living here! It can be a hassle trying to get to campus at night, but its no problem trying to get home. The rooms are spacious and the kitchen/living room is decent. For the price, this place is pretty great compared to apartments on west campus.

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