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Don t move here you will regret it. I have lived here in Austin for 5 years and lived in 2 different apartment complexes before moving to Colonial Village at Quarry Oaks. I moved in on Sept 2nd and 2 days later is when all the trouble started. One night about 2am I woke up to use the bathroom to only find a big beetle crawling down my hallway from the front door. I called management to have maintenance come in and weather strip the door. To my dismay they were going to do a half --- job.
They weather stripped the door only to have it fall off every time I opened the door. I called to have them redo the door. Then I come home one night to a welcome party of brown lizards greeting me on my hallway wall. I killed them of course, but not without calling management again to give them a piece of my mind. Then a couple of days later I go out to walk the dog and come back, to two cream colored lizards playing tag in the kitchen floor. I killed one and the other runs behind the refrigerator. I have to call friends over to come kill it because I am terrified and will not be able to sleep knowing it is in my apartment. I then call management again and give them a piece of my mind and ask that they come over to find all the holes in my house. I know these lizards was not coming in the front door with me cause I double checked before I even opened the door.
Of course maintenance comes in and says they can t find any holes and only plugs the ones that I tell them about. I inspect the storage closet and find lizards crawling around and numerous holes not plugged. I ask them to plug the holes and put a cover on the electrical outlet. Maintenance comes in and only puts a cover on the electrical outlet. Here comes another cream colored lizard one night on my bed and one in the bathroom by the toilet. That s the last straw. 6 lizards in 3 weeks is enough for me. Maintenance does a half --- job when you tell them to come fix something. Management acts as if living with lizards is okay. Then they had the nerve to ask me what kind of lizards they were. Texas only has two types of lizards, come on. For a person who is terrified of snakes, lizards and bugs in general like me you have to know the state of mind I had while living here.
Now I talked to Trisha who is the manager of this poorly managed complex. She will not let me out of my lease without paying 2 months of rent plus another $1380 AND $154 in concession fees. I would not be moving out if the holes would have been plugged properly before I moved in. I know other tenants had to complain because there was a dead lizard skeleton under my kitchen sink. So you know they had to be coming in from the the start and probably are infested in the walls. I had to plug my own holes in the storage closet because maintenance is substandard and doesn t resolve tenants issues quickly.
I am gone now to a much better place. I love where I live now but I guess I am going to have to go to court to fight these charges. SAVE yourself the hassle and DON T move HERE!!!!!!!
PS: A friend of mine who still lives in this complex just told me she had mold on her walls. They moved her to a different apartment for two days while they cleaned the mold. You tell me what was really done. Mold cannot be cleaned effectively in two days.

User photo uploaded on 10/28/2010

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