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Country Club Creek Apartments
4501 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741
2 User Responses

Oh my God,,, first off, let me say i've been living here for 7 months now. Almost every week I get a notice on my door saying that there was a burglary or an assault on the property. If that's not bad enough, I have heard gunshots right outside my window MORE THAN ONCE. Tonight there was a few police a couple buildings down and a crime scene investigator, with a whole area taped off. As SOON as my lease is up I am out of here. Not just crime, but kids are all obnoxious, Mexican kids yell obscenities at your wife or girlfriend... I'm talking 8 years old. Makes me wonder where their parents are, oh yeah they are NOT AROUND! It also makes me question my apartment management and who they are letting live here. DO NOT MOVE HERE. It is nice in the inside, but a terrible community of gangbangers, mexican trash, and illegitimate bastard children.

You should have noticed the majority of the population living here are of -------- descent, and if you didn't like that or are racist against this race you shouldn't have moved here!!!! Besides, your probably the only one that sticks out since I'm guessing your not "Mexican"! Move out then and quit complaining, because --------- are on the rise and you can tell so just deal with it!! :)
"mexican kids mexican trash" wow! that is really offensive! i think that ur problem is that u are racist! i hope those "mexican kids" parents dont ever learn how to read english (b/c of course that's how dumb us mexican's are) and beat ur ---!

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