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Landmark at Prescott Woods
2915 Aftonshire Way, Austin, TX 78748
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I've lived in these apartments for a year and I haven't had any problems until this past month and a half. I loved Amanda in the office- she knew me by name and was always willing to help me when I had an issue or needed more information. Sadly she is gone now and that is there loss. This past month I've had issues with my A/C. It stopped working one night and they had to replace the monitor, which they did the next so that was great. Two days later it went out again and they came by my apartment and said it was running fine and when I came home from work it wasn't. This was irritating because I had to drive and stay with someone else in Kyle because I couldn't sleep in a 85 apartment and sleep. I called them again and they replaced the motor AGAIN and it went out a week later. Then shortly after that the A/C motor caught on fire in my actual apartment and we had to call the fire department. So I didn't stay in my apartment for two weeks plus a few days before that, so 2 weeks later it went out again but it was 2 days before my move out date and I just left. I was so tired of calling to get it fixed and having no results. The front desk was no help granted they were changing owners at the time.

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