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Nalle Woods

4700 North Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX 78746
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My wife and I moved from New Jersey to Texas, and toured several Austin apartment buildings, and fell in love with Nalle Woods. We could not have been happier with our experience. The Management team made us feel welcome, and was… Full Review ▶


I just finished up 2 years at Nalle woods, and it has been the best apartment community I've lived in, period. And I've moved around quite a bit through the years. The units are built extraordinarily well, and with a lot… Full Review ▶


Nalle Woods is the first apartment I've lived in since 1982! I was originally planning to stay only a year till I bought another house, but I'm never leaving! It's beautiful, well-appointed, WONDERFUL neighbors, WONDERFUL staff. They are very attentive, friendly,… Full Review ▶


I moved into Nalle Woods back in April 2011 from Houston, TX. The place itself well kept, the lawn is mowed, the buildings were just re-painted, and there's a lot of extra amenities that other apartment complexes don't offer. I'll be… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Nalle Woods for two years and plan to stay for at least another year. Here is what I like the most about Nalle Woods: 1) The apartments are well designed, so even the smallest one-bedroom apartment feels… Full Review ▶


Once per week there is a loud party somewhere here. Maybe it will be your neighbor downstairs? Maybe it will be random teens in the pool? Maybe it will be a unit on the opposite side of the complex, but then… Full Review ▶


We have lived here at Nalle Woods and have nothing but compliments. The pool and hot tub are great, mgmt is nice, and everyone is friendly. They have some really nice socials at the clubhouse as well. Full Review ▶


Let's all face it: if you're going to live in someone else's home or apartment, you'd better hope they're friendly. I thought that owing to the size and mass of Nalle Woods that the staff would be well trained and professional… Full Review ▶


We paid 2400 a month for a very questionable luxury - noise late at night, dirty pull and spa areas with drunk guests and beer cans, and dog poop all over the property. The poor children who lived in the complex… Full Review ▶


Nalle Woods billed me to re-carpet entire condo after I moved out. They e-mailed me pictures of two stains in the living room. I called Larry Peel who told me it was "not negotiable" and hung up the phone on me.… Full Review ▶


all 5 star positive reviews? suspect to say the least. i lived here in the past and found it to be a COMPLETE waste of time and money. the "well insulated" walls contributed to my ridiculously high electric bill and i… Full Review ▶


I've been at Nalle Woods about 5 months, and I've been really pleased overall. Gorgeous interiors, beautiful landscaping, cordial and responsive staff. A bit of a hassle to live directly off a busy highway--getting into traffic can be a bear at… Full Review ▶


I'm super surprised by many of the other reviews. I've lived at Nalle Woods for about a year and plan to renew my lease. During my time here we have NEVER had a GED day, but I'm aware that garages are… Full Review ▶


I love how the recent reviews of Nalle Woods happen to be while the condos were under construction over three years ago (looks like someone is trying to lower the ratings to me... maybe a new competitor?). This is a great… Full Review ▶


I've stayed here for over a year now. The management is decent and people here are generally very nice. This apartment complex is a little secluded though I would say, It's tucked in the middle of nowhere. Also the gym equipments… Full Review ▶


The apartments have a nice layout, the courtyards are well kept and I truly like the below ground garages. There are problems: I had gas leak, I had a number of problems with the dishwasher imundating the kitchen and dining room.… Full Review ▶


I lived in this apartment complex about 2 years ago for a short period of time, and found it to be one of the worst complexes that I have ever lived in, and that is by no means exaggerated. The staff… Full Review ▶


Children allowed to play in garages and high traffic areas makes the noise level very high. Management does not respond to complaints, although the stated policy is no children should play in garage areas. Tennants do not clean after the pets,… Full Review ▶


Overall, I like living here, but do grit my teeth a bit writing that monthly rent check. At about $1.50/sqft vs. only $1.00/sqft in the rest of town, the high price does keep out some riffraff, but it's not a great… Full Review ▶


What is the GED? Better get those bikes, etc outta there today! Not what one would expect from a $2K /month condo in west Austin. BTW - Check out the disgusting dumpsters before signing your lease here. Sunday is the worst.… Full Review ▶


The complex is well-designed and pretty, with trees and natural landscaping. Apartments have a quality, upscale feel, and the tenants tend to be older professional types. The pool area is beautiful and the gym up-to-date. The negatives are the high price… Full Review ▶


I've been here for about 9 months now and really like it. ASIDE from the prices (which is true, you get what you pay for), it's great. Every time I've had a complaint as far as any maintenance problems go, they… Full Review ▶


All is going well so far! *** Be sure not to try to move in using a "large" moving van. Our movers had to make three seperate smaller trips since their larger cargo trailer was to low for the "incline" into… Full Review ▶


I will give you just facts - you form your own conclusions.

1. Price was about $1050 (with discounts) for a 1 bdr apartment & another $90 for a garage (not attached). No WD included.

2. Water from the only bathroom leaked… Full Review ▶


The most horrific experience I have ever encountered. Management and the staff were inattentive to problems and concerns. Would never return to a Larry Peel complex. The apartments are overpriced and offer nothing! HATE IT!!!!!! Full Review ▶


The apartments are nice and the design unusual. The enviroment is usually quiet with the exception of barking dogs which may bark all night. The office staff move too slow, are usually very uninformed and though nice are not always helpful.… Full Review ▶


Not as great as it seems. People working in the office are very nice, but they do work for that over confident jerk. I have spent thousands of dollars living on his communities, as do others, and I hear he cannot… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


I've been a tenant at Nalle Woods since July 2005. The units seem to be absolutely soundproof, with no noise from each other or from outside. Nice floorplans and amenities, but at $100 per month garages seem expensive. Full Review ▶


Nalle Woods is a local Austin development that seems too good to be true. Hidden at the top of a drive carving through the limestone hillsides of 360, Nalle Woods reveals a suprising treasure. The condo-quality apartments boast attention to detail… Full Review ▶

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