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Towne Oaks Apartments
500 E Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78752
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I wrote the review back in May of 2010. Those 2 main complaints still stand, except for the gate, cause now I'm at a different job and I actually get access to the side gate during open hours. SCORE!

I say Round 3 because twice we've tried to move out of this location and going on a third try. Problem is, we like living here too G*d D*am much! After the 1st time we were going to leave, ------ (manager at the time) was able to help us find a bigger place after plans to get another place fell through. We don't regret it, we've had fun here ever since. Then the 2nd time we were going to move out, once again, plans fell through and -------, who took over for ------, was able to help us out still. So we stayed another 6 months.

Here we are for round 3, and it looks like plans are falling through again. I'm about to just give up n' just live here for the rest of my time here in Austin. Haha, nah. I just spoke with ------- and she, once again, is going to help us with what we need. She truly is a great manager and has done great things for us, and the entire community. I have no complaints on how she handles the property. Treats everyone with respect, very professional, and has that sweet smile that'll warm your heart. Doesn't hurt that she's very attractive either.

And just as a side note to the person who posted the review below: Not as good as --------(------)? She doesn't even know the name of the previous manager so how does one even compare? But yes, ------- is every bit of good as ------, and I know that wherever ------ is, are a bunch of happy residents. They both are awesome. Don't let anyone else fool you. 'Specially not these Kentucky folks that somehow pride themselves for seeing so much violence where they came from. "Sorry" Texas crime doesn't live up to y'alls standards

I'm just messin'

Now on to the maintenance staff. These guys are amazing. Seriously hard working. Isadoro is one of the hardest working guys I've ever met. I always see him bouncing around from task to task, but still has the time to help you with a minor task if you need it. Cesar and Alex are right there too. Same day services, always up keeping the ventilation in the apartments, ensuring fire extinguishers are up to date, fire alarms, EVERYTHING. They pride themselves at having probably one of the best apartment complexes in Austin, and boy does it show. Even during last summer's drought this place looked green for the most part. They keep the property clean, they keep it safe, and they make you feel welcome. What's not to like about this place? Besides the 183 and 35 intersection I want to get away from...

The residents here are great too. Mostly all of them are really nice n' friendly people. No loud noise complaints, no hate towards one another, we all get along, and that's a great thing to have when you come home from a long day of work. I can relax here and know I'm going to be alright. There are occasional parties thrown here at the club house by the management, and boy are they fun. Get to know more residents, get to know the management team better, and the free food and drinks don't hurt! It's a fun time living here.

As for the apartment themselves, these are some of the best damn floor plans I've ever seen. Non of the other places that we've looked at come even CLOSE to what Towne Oaks has to offer. These are great, but don't take my word for it. Y'all come check them out yourself. I'm sure ------- would be more than happy to show y'all around.

My goal has been to move into a house each time, and each time it falls through because of finances, or losing a roommate. I'm happy to know that I always have a place here.

Lastly, seriously: This management team is great. I've never seen a more hard working team. Out of all the different places I've lived in, this is by far the best. All these girls n' guys deserve a raise. And ------ too, she's missed; BUT, ------- is holding down the fort rather exceptionally well. Don't know what we'd do without her.


Last Updated: 02/09/12
lol-- was this written by -------'s -------------------, who's always up at the office chit chatting? As in, I walk in and they/you both get all quiet, and pretend like only business is going on. Seriously dude, she not THAT awesome, and actually kind of sucks. "Very attractive"....? Yeah, of course that's what I look for in property management too.

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