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LakeHill Townhomes
2610 Lakehill Lane, Carrollton, TX 75006
1 User Response

My wife and I moved in because of the previous property manager, Blake. If you read some of the older reviews, you'll find that our opinion of him as a god-send of apartment managers was widely held. After he and the old maintenance person left, everything went to hell. And since the "leasing agent" is never in the office, how could anyone who just stops by possibly get a tour or be able to rent there? Here's why...

I was friends with Blake, and we would hang out and chat once in awhile. The new owners are wanting to refurbish the townhomes and turn them into condos for sale. That was the stated intention when the new owners took over last year. They cannot force people out per se, but they CAN make it abundantly clear that living there isn't worth it, so you'll leave on your own. When I first moved there, there was a several month waiting list for units to open up. How many empty units do you think there are now? I'd bet more than a few.

You are absolutely correct. They really don't care about their renters. I've seen many move-outs lately and only one move-in. There are now quite a few empty units. I for one, wouldn't want to own one of these run-down units. With real estate prices dropping, and nobody wanting to buy, I hope they take a bath on this property. They deserve it.

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