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I did not rent here...THANK GOD. First and foremost it took about a month to just process my application. I had to call them 3 times just to get them to write down how I was going to pay. Then a month after I have completed the paperwork my roommate gets a call saying that our move-in date will be two weeks later than what we needed. So I called the office asking if there was any way we could move in sooner, they told me they would talk to the manager and get back to me. Well I called back a couple of days later and they said there was no way so I cancelled the lease process and told them to void my check for the application fee and deposit. Well a month later they draft $185 out of my checking account. So I called the office thinking it was a simple mistake and that they would refund me the money. However, when I called they told me there was no record of me ever canceling or of me calling to ask about the move-in date. I spoke with the Asst. Manager and she was very rude and pretty much blamed me for the entire incident and was insisting that I give her the name of the person who I told to cancel the lease. Well that day I was put on hold about 5 times and spoke with 3 different people (of course there was no record of this either) so I could not remember which person actually should have written it down. I will get my deposit back but they don't want to give me my applications fees back but, I'm fighting for it. All things aside...they told me they would NOT deposit the check unless they contacted me first! This is the worst experience I have ever had with just a lease process! Just to let you know I have now leased at the Enclave and it only took 2 days to get my application in, get approved for my lease and sign my lease. Not to mention the apartments I walked into at Meadows Point were old with dirty carpet, old appliances and dead roaches. If I could negative stars I would!

I had a similar experience. They take forever to process the application and you have to call numerous times to actually make sure they are doing their jobs. When you walk in the office they are just on facebook or gossiping. If you are getting paid, please do your job! They try to get to 100% occupancy by signing all these people even though they do not have the space to accomodate them. Do not sign with Meadows Point. The staff is incompetent and rude. Save yourself the trouble and time by going somewhere else. I wasted almost two months for them to get all the application things together and afterwards I got a phone call telling me I would have to wait 3 weeks after my move-in date to actually get a place! So I am suppose to be homeless, because the staff couldn't check if there was even an apartment available from the beginning? Had to cancel the lease and find another place. They are supposed to return my application fee within a month. If it doesn't arrive you can be sure I will make a complaint with TAA!
It seems as though you tried to cancel your lease and that is why the manager was being rude. (The manager can be rude, I agree!) I think Meadows Point is great
couple of things... 1. You have no experience living at Meadows Point, only in dealing with the staff. 2. This sight requires only residents to post reviews 3. The Enclave has probably the worst staff of any apartment complex in College Station, along with a slew of other problems (this can be seen by the 13% approval rating they have on this very sight). 4. You made a horrible choice my friend. You can't get much worse than the enclave. I hope you like parties that are so loud you can hear them over your television (complex sponsored parties at that), paper thin walls, dramatically overpriced rent, a horribly designed gate system, and a staff that won't give two flips about you or your problems because you are now contractually obligated to pay them the aforementioned overpriced rent each month. 5. Good luck. I honestly do hope that the Enclave has turned around since I've been there, and that your stay with them is an enjoyable one, but as a former resident of both Meadows Point and the Enclave, my gut feeling is that your next year (apartment wise) will be very unenjoyable.

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