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Walnut Ridge Apartments
5757 S Staples St, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
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I have lived here for three months now and it's the worst apartment complex I've ever been in. I begged my husband to move us in here because it looked great, the location is pretty good and it has a number of pools. Wrong. From the first week, we've had problems. The second we turned a light on, the electricity blew in the entire living room. Maintenance were here everyday, all day for a week tearing holes out of our walls and drilling away only to make it WORSE before calling in REAL ELECTRICIANS to do the job for them! They left the massive holes in the wall for over two weeks before they repaired them and even then, all they did was a quick poor plaster job and a lick of paint over the patches. Since living here, we've had maintenance in the apartment nearly 20 times. I'm heavily pregnant so it takes me a minute to get to the door but they just let themselves in which has given me a nervous disorder which effects my unborn baby. I'm constantly terrified of someone walking in because 9/10, they knock once before immediately unlocking the door! They do not warn us of their visit beforehand. We've had to call the police a number of times because we've had random drunks pounding on our door trying to get in after leaving the bar, our neighbors above and across are always fighting, the ones above are the worst when you can hear the shouting and extreme banging. We told the office we were expecting our first baby when we moved in and they put us in the worst block, the other tenants 'lovingly' call it 'the projects'. We are exactly opposite Whiskey River so three days out of the week, we're up until 3am from the people honking, shouting and CRASHING THEIR CARS, I'd never witnessed a fender bender before but now, I see it EVERY WEEK. When we told management about the noise and asked for an explanation as to why they put a young family in this apartment, they shrugged and said to buy blackout curtains. Thanks helpful staff! Our toilet constantly flushes by itself because of the other tenants and it blocks at every flush. Our bathtub was painted over in cheap paint to hide disgusting tub marks and after my first shower here, it started to peel. They have not come to repair it. Head office and maintenance are cautious of us because we lodged a complaint about everything so we're treated pretty horribly. We've had huge black stains left on the carpets from maintenance 'fixing' our apartment and they half-attempted to wash it before saying that's enough. Our latest incident is involving our heater. It started leaking heavily onto the carpet. When we called out maintenance, he was here for five minutes before saying 'fixed!' It was absolutely disgusting, completely unclean and when we mentioned it to him, he said 'oh, you don't need to clean that.' An hour later, it was leaking more. After a quick google search, we discovered the coils needed to be cleaned every couple of months, THEY HAVE NOT BEEN. Two days later, maintenance shows up AGAIN and looks awkward. He came out and said 'actually, it does need to be cleaned'. No, he meant that he looked it up and realized IT WAS DANGEROUS. He ended up having the replace EVERYTHING and giving it an industrial clean which took all day. Absolutely ridiculous! Pest control knock every day telling us they need to spray but because I'm pregnant, they can't spray because of the fumes which they seem to not understand. Have fun walking around the car lot, you'll see at least two drug dealers. How do I know this? Because they don't care to hide it. Talking of the car lot, GOOD LUCK FINDING PARKING. At least in the part of the complex that I'm located in. There's always at least four abandoned cars taking up 'prime' spots and even when you call them in, nothing changes. Everyone double parks and they don't care! Every night I hear the same motorcycle revving his engine and speeding as well as the cars doing the same with extremely loud music. When you walk to the gym, you'll see the ghetto drink machine. Put your quarters in and it's soda roulette. It gives you the options of drinks but it's gonna spit out whatever it wants, and that's on the days it wants to work. The rent is extremely high for what you get! I wish I listened to my husband beforehand when he said we could find a better apartment before moving in because this is RIDICULOUS. If they read this, they will know exactly who I am so I can't wait to be treated worse! Do NOT move here!

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