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Gatewood Apartments
6036 Ridgecrest Road, Dallas, TX 75231
2 User Responses

In Feb. 2007 my mother moved to the Gatewood Apts. from NY. She loved it. I could not believe how reasonable the rents were. The same apartment would cost a minimum of $2,000 monthly in NY plus there are soo many freebies and perks offered at Gateway Apartments. When I would come to visit from NY, I would sit in the library, take a dip in the pool, attend a diner where everyone brought a dish. I could not believe how friendly everyone was. Then you can have pets, there are balconies, it is just so unbelievable. The lobby is gorgeous. What else can I say? I hope that the people that live there are truly appreciative because I know that managements tries their best to keep the place up to snuff. My mother would still be living there, but she had a fall, and could no longer live alone. But it was a wonderful experience for her, and for me as well. I always looked forward to my visits to her beautiful apartment that she was so proud of.

It is certain that anonymous is truly an unhappy and deluded individual. I have lived in Gatewood for 10 years and have loved it. I have even brought several of my friends to live here. My guess is that the only roaches they saw were by their own filth, and the urine odor must have originated from his/her person. It is amazing that it took 4 whole years to determine that they couldn't live there anymore. I'm fortunate we no longer have them for neighbor.
Dear Brunhildeee, Your standard of living must really be low to have ever thought Gatewood was a nice place to live. Reasonable rent? What do expect for a rat hole? The lobby is georgous? Are you kidding me! The carpet was so nasty and filthy. It always stunk to high heaven and the elevators reaked of urine, yes human urine. I was a resident there for four years and no I did not appreciate the filth, roaches, stinch, and all those neighbors that would never mind their own business. Gatewood was the worst place ever to have lived. I'm so glad that I am gone.

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