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My roommate and I lived here for 10 months, and while it was nice inside the apartment, the negatives far outweigh the positives at AMLI at Cityplace.

The first night in out apartment, my roommate's car got broken into. Then a few months later, my boyfriend's car got broken into. Management never did anything about any of the break-ins, not even an attempt to install security cameras in the parking garage.

The apartment itself was nice and spacious with high ceilings and amenities that were in pretty good condition. However, we started having problems with the hot water heater. Maintenance said that they would replace it, but it took a month, 3 maintenance requests, 2 trips to the office to complain, and many cold showers before they finally fixed the problem.

They are constantly doing things to improve the look of the outside of the apartment, but in the 10 months that I lived there, the hot tub never worked nor was it fixed. Instead the office dumped money into "sound rocks" by the pool that would play all kinds of annoying music that I could hear in my 1st floor pool facing apartment.

Then when we moved out, we left the apartment looking nicer than it was when we moved in. The carpets had been scrubbed as well as every square inch of the apartment. Yet they still charged us for over $600 for damages done to the apartment (about $450 of it was for replacing the perfectly scrubbed carpet).

I know that the price and location of AMLI make it appealing, but it honestly was not worth the problems I had there.

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