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The Azul Apartments
10928 Audelia Road, Dallas, TX 75243
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I'm waiting for my lease to end. This place seemed very nice at first. It is only 10 minutes from my office and it was gated. Two weeks after I moved in, they changed management. There was a lot of water damage in my outdoor storage, which I had told the old management, and told the New management in February. Someone came out in March and looked at it. They finally fixed it in June. They broke a bunch of my frames in the process. Every morning on my way to work, I see garbage everywhere caused by residents leaving their trash bags next to the dumpsters or not picking up after themselves. My upstairs neighbors are sometimes awake at all hours of the day. The floors are not good for muting any sound. I can hear entire conversations, the washer, their music, when they open and close drawers, and when they drop things. Pizza Hut does not deliver to this complex due to safety issues. There is a security guard that hangs out for a few hours every night and sometimes DPD drives through. The place is cheap but not worth it. The new management made it Section 8 housing. I love paying full price for this awful place... There are adults that smoke weed out in the open while their children play next to them. Other children are allowed to run around unsupervised. Some of the residents are very confrontational. My downstairs neighbors like to catch me when I'm alone and yell at me or lecture me. One of them even lied to the office telling them I allowed my dog to defecate in front of their door. Someone likes to bang on my door at 3am from time to time. I caught a guy peeing on the fence next to the dog park while I was outside with my dog. I can't wait to leave this place. The property manager is rude. I've seen people getting arrested on my way out. Don't move here. Good luck if you just moved in. If you want maintenance to come fix something for you, just shout at them from your balcony while wearing booty shorts. They'll help you immediately.

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