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West Town Apartments
734 S Mesa Hills Dr, El Paso, TX 79912
2 User Responses
Manager Response

This apartment complex was absolutely terrible. They were unclear about the deposit to start off with. They charged me 200 dollars initially for the deposit then informed me a couple weeks later that I owed 150 more for the deposit. Also for a pet deposit they charged 500 dollars which only 200 is refundable. When I finally moved out they only gave me 290 dollars back. They tell me the reason why is 150 dollars of my deposit was a registration/application fee. WHY WASN'T I TOLD THAT WHEN I WAS GIVING THEM THE MONEY? While we were living in the apartment we had dish network installed. The apartment called us and told us there would be a 300 dollar fee just for having a dish installed which I promptly refused to pay. Every time we had maintenance issues we would always be sure to tell them not to enter without us home. They entered every single time without us home regardless. Also when I moved in there was a small patch of mold near the vent in the bathroom which I called several times to have removed and also asked them to fix the non-working vent. They never took care of either of those issue. They are very military un-friendly. They gave me a price of 705 dollars per month and later on that exact month they were telling a non-military that it would only bee 600 dollars per month. The office ladies are un-proffesional and if you have any sense don't move in because you will hate having to deal with them and there hidden fees and stupid policies. Thanks for taking my money and wasting my time West Town.

@ "West Town Community Manager" : That's just the tip of the iceberg re: problems at West Town Apts. Please explain how West Town -- if it's that great -- has a a "NO" recommendation for the last 10 reviews in a row! I'm talking about the ratings/reviews posted here on ApartmentRatings.com from 04/15/2011 to 02/26/2013. Not even ONE "yes," just TEN "NO" recommendations in a row (may be more -- didn't look at page 2)! That's TERRIBLE! You should be ashamed/embarrassed by the low approval rating of only 41% (48 reviewers). Yes, that's better than lots of other "dive" complexes in El Paso, but really, West Town isn't a dive, is it? Are YOU personally pleased with 41% approval rating? How do you account for all those negative reviews, especially 10 in a row? Do you know how many potential residents that shameful rating has run off? Plenty, I'm sure. So please outline your plans to turn things around there. For example, you can start with the bane of ALL apartment complexes EVERYWHERE: Slob Dog Owners! MAKE them pick up after their dogs or FINE them (could be a real money-maker for you, as well as pleasing the GOOD residents you have -- they shouldn't have to put up with dog crap everywhere). If the slobs persist, then EVICT the bums. West Town is in a GREAT location (Sunland Park Mall) with LOTS of stores and such within walking distance. And COULD be a great place to live (and WAS back when it was fairly new). With all the NEGATIVE reviews, however, it clearly isn't now. Something is clearly WRONG with West Town presently. Please fix it.
Guys don't believe these bs manager responses, they have many hidden fees and ways to suck all of your money out of you. This apartments and staff are HORRID
02/18/13Manager Response
Dear Mr. Hansen, We apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the pet fees that you may have been charged to you at time of move-in. Unfortunately, our rent prices are subject to change at any time and all other move-in fees are reviewed prior to applying and moving in. At the time of lease signing, all fees associated with your lease term are reviewed while signing your lease agreement. Our office associates are always here to help you with any questions you may have about your account. Please contact me at 915-584-3497 to discuss any concerns you may have. I look forward hearing from you and assisting you in resolving any concerns you may have. Sincerely, West Town Community Manger 915-584-3497 WestTownMgr@cottonwoodres.com

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