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Huntington Cove

14802 Enterprise Dr, Farmers Branch, TX 75234
% Recommended
City Average

My husband and I have just moved in, but we have been working with the Manager, Kendra, for about a month now, and she has gone above and beyond to make sure that we got the exact unit that we wanted.… Full Review ▶


My husband and I lived at Huntington Cove for almost 5 years, and we loved it. We lived in two different units, the 2/1.5, and the 2/2 with den. Both were spacious, had lots of storage and were very quiet, thanks… Full Review ▶


I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a resident here. Never did I feel unsafe, dissatisfied, or neglected during my stay in any way. The staff was friendly and always available to address any potential needs. They were also very receptive to… Full Review ▶


I have lived here almost 6 months and I absolutely love it here!! I love all of the trees surrounding the community and all of my neighbors are super nice. ------ and the maintenance staff are beyond exceptional... The customer service… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

After a conversation on the phone with the Manager ------ I will NOT stay there. She is quite possibly one of the meanest people I have ever spoken with. She is what I would call a "nice nasty" person. She acts… Full Review ▶


Oh where to start? They only fix outside of building so you will think it nice.Inside everything old and out of date.My bath and toilet just wobble around.My stairs wobble and very creaky.Fans,sinks,fixture,everything very old inside. Also everybody here got 3… Full Review ▶


I lived in these town homes for about 6 months, and only left because of a new job across country. The management was understanding of my short term lease, and was willing to help me get out of the lease even… Full Review ▶


I was a resident here for 6 months. I had to leave because of family issues. The management was able to assist me at the end of my lease. The apartment was exactly what I prayed for. It was close to… Full Review ▶


This hidden gem is tucked away in a safe well kept area. I just moved in and all of the maintenance staff and residents I have met so far are friendly and I am thrilled with the service I have received.… Full Review ▶


This review I am writing is abosolutly true and there no over exagerating or indulgence neccessary. I was an occupant there for several years and it was probably the worst times of my rental life. The first thing you will notice… Full Review ▶


Personally, the Management Team and the Maintenance Staff provide an excellent reprensentation of the complex owners. This is an older community that is well maintained, any issue is immediately addressed and resolved. Landscaping and the grass areas are always well maintained.… Full Review ▶


If you move into Huntington Cove, you will be a wake by lawn being cut at 7 in the morning on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays. Also your TXU bill will be much higher because they have BAD FOUNDATION PROBLEMS which will… Full Review ▶


This place was great when we first moved in, but that didn't last. The units are old and not well maintained. ---- was the property manager when we moved in and she was great. Then ------ came on board. What a… Full Review ▶


SKY HIGH water and electric bills.very shoddy construction.my whole apartment is falling down.they haven't done anything but put in a new microwave since the early 1980's when this dump was built.everyone that comes to my house laughs and says it looks… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I went here about a month ago and the lady showed me an apt. dang they small! we go up the stairs and they was creakin and squeakin like a dang haunted house! i thought we was gonna fall thru em!… Full Review ▶


I currently live there. I have no complaints about The manager . She is by far one of the best I have ever had . There are a few complainers on property. But they are not takes seriously. They do it… Full Review ▶


This place might be okay if they spent some money on the INSIDE of the place and not worry about landscaping.No insulation at all.Electric bills threw the roof! Not to mention the dog sh.t everywhere,parents that play baseball in the parking… Full Review ▶


I moved in almost a year ago and at before I could even settle in I was having problems with the then manager, Mary. She never completed anything she promised, and GOD forbid you needed maintenance done.....take a number was her… Full Review ▶


I have been living in apartments and townhomes for 15 years and I have never loved a place as much as Huntington Cove. It had everything that I want. It's clean with very nice landscaping, the management and maintenace teams are… Full Review ▶


accept kids but nowhere for them to play.no laundry facility either Full Review ▶


I moved because I was not happy with previous management but now the new manager who came 2 months before my lease was up is a total great person. She really cares and understand situations do come up. She loves to… Full Review ▶


But this place has made me happy...... No I'm not the Manager..... I am the mother of three young children all under the age of 8. I am very picky since I'm a single mom and I try to be cautious… Full Review ▶


For those of you considering Huntington Cove, this is a very nice community with lots of friendly neighbors. I'm guessing the last reviewer had a bad experience and decided to take it out on the complex which is to bad because… Full Review ▶


I recently heard about this site and decided to see how the complex ranked. Well...I was quite surprised to see such poor reviews. I think this is a great place to live for the money. Big square footage for a reasonable… Full Review ▶


Well, we left a negative message recently when we should have given the office a chance to answer. I guess it was "The heat of the moment" type of response and we wanted to correct a wrong in leaving this message.… Full Review ▶


New management has turned this property around. Fantastic property! Maintenance response times are fast. Apartments and grounds well maintained. Quiet neighborhood and great neighbors. I highly recommend this property. Great floor plans and large apartments. Full Review ▶


I've been here 7 months and it is noisy! Stairs creak,walls thump,you can hear everything your neighbor is doing.(even urinating in the bathroom)eek! Teenagers walk around the complex smoking weed,manager never around. Full Review ▶


I have never reviewed this complex,I have been here for 3 years and when my lease is up I am RUNNING out of this place! It does look nice on the outside,and USED to be a great place.The new management team… Full Review ▶


I have really enjoyed my stay at the Huntington Cove Town Homes the Location is excellent, and I fouond the management to be very responsive. Full Review ▶


I have lived in several apartments complexes in the Dallas area over the course of 6 years. This has been so refreshing of an experience. Large dogs are welcome and the neighbors seem to get a long great. They are townhouses… Full Review ▶


Looks good from the outside but I swear there is some sort of government backing..aka PROJECTS! Some of the people that live here are SLOBS! People throw their trash OVER THE FENCE into common courtyard areas where it sits for weeks.I… Full Review ▶


there are about 15 leaks in our apartment and new ones develop almost every time it rains. we've purchased big plastic buckets to handle the situation. whenever it begins to rain, it's time to get out the buckets. i've found black… Full Review ▶


The new manager here SUCKS!She could care less and is never in the office.The maintenance man is obviously a drug addict and has seedy people hanging around outside his apartment all hours of the day and night.I can't wait to move!… Full Review ▶


My townhome was broken into during the Christmas holidays. In the middle of the day!!! I do not recommend this place at all. Neighbors frequently had their cars on blocks in the parking lot. Full Review ▶


I have lived at HC since 2000. She was the only Mgr I have seen that cared about tenants and actually stayed in the office to do the job. I have seen recent managers out shopping during business hours. The last… Full Review ▶


The complex does look nice from the outside,it should considering they cut the grass daily and OVER WATER DAILY.Why wouldn't they since its community water YOU pay the bill.Some of the sprinklers face the street and just water the concrete for… Full Review ▶


I've lived at Huntington Cove for about 1 year. The property itself is nice and looks good, although MANY do not clean up after their dogs, which is no fun when you???re walking yours in the dark. The maintenance guy is… Full Review ▶


Well here it goes

1. 2nd floor creaks alot
2. electricity bill always high (winter & summer)
3. we couldn't open the sliding doors because the sliding doors never shut
4. hot water ran out quickly
5. if the neighbors smoke, TRUST me, your apt will… Full Review ▶


Bad: -VERY HIGH Water bills because each
apt DIDN'T HAVE their own water unit!!
I used to pay up to $60 / month.

-Your rent could go up dramatically
after the end of the lease.

-Lots of ants, cockroaches,… Full Review ▶


I lived here and for the most part it was a pleasant experience. It is good to be away from the usual apartment living riff-raff. The most you will see is people walking their dogs.

The floors squeak alot!! But the… Full Review ▶


This was a really nice to live, back whenever this place was new. But now it a place for shady characters such as myself. The new managers sure think this place is tops! I would to if I was getting paid… Full Review ▶


I currently live at Huntington Cove, and I am very sorry to read the other statements. Holly the new manager is wonderful and Christy is great as well. When we were getting ready to move in we had a long list… Full Review ▶


This community is great, the townhouse is a disgrace. The carpet is the cheapest you can buy and it shows. The linoleum looks like it was put in by kindergartners and the stove burners kept my skillet sliding off. You can… Full Review ▶


Overall I like these apartments just fine. The nieghbors moving around does get annoying at times, but such is life. I´ll have to agree with the other two comments about the mold around the bath tub, and the Horrible hot water… Full Review ▶


I currently live there and for the money, would expect MUCH more. The neighbors (very few of them) are nosey and rude. Of course busy bodies are going to be wherever you go, but the ones here make themselves known.
Management,… Full Review ▶


The roof leaks when there are strong storms.
Several attempts were made by the staff to
fix it - but it (still) leaks. The upstairs´
bathroot faucet has a leak in the plumbing
in the wall - you can hear the… Full Review ▶

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