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Butler Place
1201 Luella St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
0 User Responses

the butler place is not a place to stay for a long time i was there 2 yrs until i got a better job. The front office on luella street is rude as hell they are not professional at all including maint. The people that lives there are nasty to where your apartment has to be sprayed every weeks almost for bugs. Kids are out all times of the night when they should be in bed getting ready for school. Drug dealers out all night its to the point the drug users are knocking on your doors looking for the drug dealers. On weekends they are out all day and night thats the drug dealers and drug users. The parking lots where you park at are not safe either i use to have to check on my car everynight so many things happen to my old car and new car and front office told me to call the police they not gone do nothing but give you a police report and a copy to the front office thats a waste of time their funds are low so they want have the police riding around like the use to. IM GLAD IM OUT THE BUTLERS BECAUSE EVERYBODY IN THE COMPLEX IS SORRY WHEN IT COMES TO HELPING THE PEOPLE THAT STAY THERE

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