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Savoy of Garland
608 Rowlett Road, Garland, TX 75043
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In February of 2013, my boyfriend and I will have lived at the complex for 2 years. We have loved the place the entire time.

-may sometimes be an inconvenience
-1 car garages as well as covered parking for a monthly fee (do not know this fee, as I do not have either)
-we were fortunate to be in the first building as you enter the gate which is right next to the visitor parking, so it hasn't been a terrible issue

-some neighbors are louder than others, some quieter
-yes, you will hear your neighbors at one point or another, as with ANY apartment complex. And from time to time, yes people will have parties or get-togethers, or birthdays, etc. That's apartment living, and its a one night celebration. Its their home too, you cant expect them to cater to your every desire so you can feel at home if they wouldn't feel comfortable being in their home as well. I have never seen nor heard any neighbors in the entire complex that are constantly partying and being wild or rowdy.
-once again, fortunately we've never been bothered by noisy neighbors

-the grounds are wonderful, very up-kept and neat
-gives a great and pleasant appearance
-sidewalks and non-visible stairways are a plus for me
-on-site playground, fairly small but always kids or small children with parents coming by to play on a nice day.
however, as I mentioned earlier, apartment living doesn't mean everything will always go your way. that being said, after dark,
a group of kids may once in a while come hang out there and cause disturbances. this is one among my very few complaints
only due to the fact that my boyfriend and I are always spending time on our balcony to relax and enjoy ourselves. with our
balcony LITERALLY overlooking this playground directly it can cause some frustrations occasionally.

-the outdoor lighting mostly comes from the lights on the building walls
-all sidewalks have a clear view of your path when on them, looking either direction
-can be a bit scary if your a girl and a bit of a baby when it comes to walking alone on a really dark night after watching a semi-scary cheesy horror movie, trying to take your puppy to potty hahah. REALISTICALLY though, I have never felt any real
threat or feared for my safety

-there is really no actual construction on the site
-its a newer complex, so the appliances, fixtures, etc. are in great condition.
-top of the line? no, but I don't have any problems whatsoever with them (appearance or reliability wise)

-consider you top priority
-very speedy, and get to you as soon as possible
-great maintenance staff, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and always somewhere around the complex, improving what is already great, or assisting someone who has requested their help
- as I type, they are actually maintaining the lawn-leaf blowing after mowing

-great, Kelly (mngr.) and Betty (asst. mngr.) are always trying to help to the best of their abilities
-everyone is different, as well as their personalities, so sometimes they may seem rude or uninterested but sometimes it can be how a person communicates in a conversation, on either partys behalf.

-I think it is a great place to make your home.
-pleasant atmosphere
-up-kept and attractive appearance
-door side trash service (fee)
-pets welcome (fee-do not know extent of details)
-in-unit washer and dryer
-hardwood floors in kitchen, bathroom, and entry way
-double locks on doors
-fairly large closets
-garden tub (love!)
-storage off patio or balcony
-helpful staff and maintenance
-may be a bit pricy for the amount of space, but with the outstanding service and amenities, I believe it is worth it

- as I've said a few times already: apartment living people! many people are trying to make this place their home. if you want peace and quiet and respect from everyone, go to a senior home. all you can do is be kind, courteous, and respect your surrounding neighbors. And with the great management, if it still is a problem and something needs to be done, please speak with them...they can move you to a different apartment or even building, there are appropriate ways to handle these types of things, it is just a matter of your maturity to handle these things like a big kid, instead of b****ing and whining and blaming the "poor" management because you are dissatisfied.
-also once again, don't expect people to put their life on hold to cater to you
-I encourage everyone to consider EVERYTHING about the any apartments they are considering. this includes anything from: management to lack thereof, fixtures and cabinetry, size and price, amenities and pet policies or restrictions, restaurants or grocery stores in the area, parking to location.
-Imagine yourself living here...even consider the small details. Is it really worth deciding against a specific complex because parking may be a hassle sometimes even though you would live in a safe, well kept place, set in a convenient location within 3 miles of where you are sitting on your couch with a great interior from the bottom up? Savoy of Garland is this place, and I'd recommend it to anyone. singles, couples, families with children and pets.

First off, I am dyslexic so know any misspelled areas are a sign of a learning disability and not lack of education. I agree and disagree with this post. Honestly, it sounds like the first building is where you MUST live to have a good experience. I guess me and my husband are just in the wrong building (we are in building 4). We have lived here for almost 3 years, and the longer we live here the worse our experience gets. I am not trying to say this post is inaccurate, but I just want to make it known that this does make it seem like these post will be bias to the building the person lives in. I agree that the management and maintenance are great staff. Betty can come across mean but she just has a hard personality. We have spoken with management many times about issues with neighbors and we have called the police several times with more severe issues with neighbors (a couple fighting outside our door where the female was continually being thrown in to our wall was the most disturbing/worrisome). Fortunately, a majority of the people we have had major problems with have been evicted after a few months, but the new tenets turn out to be the same type or worse. Now, I to avoid seeming like one of those who are just ?b****ing? about living in apartments, me and my husband are in our 20s with no children so we are supportive of get-togethers and small parties?However, there is a line between having fun (being desirable neighbors) and becoming disruptive/inconsiderate (such as a neighbor who plays drums while his friends play guitar and tambourines?.till 2 am). I am in NO way blaming the management, but these apartments are in an awful location so that it tends to attract some of the worst types of people (which doesn?t make sense with the extremely high prices). A few other things that have happened in the past two weeks (just for perspective) included SWAT breaking in to an apartment down stairs form us, seeing a homeless lady walking around the cars in our ?gated? community and when I asked a lady if she needed anything because she seemed to be wondering around and lost in the parking lot, she gives me a very dirty look and says ?what are you talking about, I?m fine, I live here? (that was more just upsetting than a problem but I?m a very sweet person so it was sad to get the reminder of what the other people who live here are like). Also, the management will only allow you to move if you re-pay all your original fees for a different apartment. We considered moving apartments in the complex even with these fees, but there are just too many issues with the people who live here for us. Also, Parking can be major issue if you do not live by the visitor parking. If you get home late (which is when you would want to walk strait to your apartment for safety) expect a long walk from your car. I am one of those easy going, love everybody never suspect a thing in the world to happen to me kind of people?even though I am very highly educated. However, I am often afraid to walk to the apartment when I get home from my doctoral classes late at night because of the scary characters hanging out in the parking lot. Oh, and one other thing. The floors are ?like wood?, they are not wood. It?s some type of thin wood looking flooring that we have had problems with peeling off from the day we moved in (probably just a flaw in our one apartment). Overall, this post was fairly accurate. However, I do feel the person has had a completely different experience from me and my husband I guess because of the building they live in. We will be moving to Rockwall where I feel safe shopping and walking to and from my care when I get home from school (doctoral student) in the next month and a half. Also, the apartment in Rockwall we are moving to is cheaper than these even though it?s a much MUCH better area. So, again, as the post says, weigh your options. There are some perks to living here but I would really only recommend these apartments for the ?tough type? of person who wouldn?t mind getting in a fight or defending themselves when/if needed for safety. It?s definitely not the right place for me anymore. I want to be friends with all of my neighbors and here I am afraid to even approach most of my neighbors. These are good apartments, but they need to not be located where they are at. I love the manager Kelley, I?ve had awesome experience with the maintenance, I like our apartment layout and I like the apartment its self. However, the people around here make it unsafe for a loving trusting person like me to live so we are moving to Rockwall.

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