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Haydens Crossing
2934 Alouette Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
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I have only been living in this complex for 3 months now. This is absolutely the WORST complex I have ever seen. The office staff does not care about its residents. The weekend I moved in, I turned in a work order for 5 things. It took over a month for the first attempt to repair the apartment. The maintenance staff left a note saying "Look Again" on some of my requests. NOTHING was fixed. Another month went by with several visits to the office. All I got was the standard "We'll get someone over there to get that fixed." "Can I call you to make sure everything is ok." Did they every follow up? NO!!! I tried to speak to the property manager. She was never available, and on the fourth attempt I was told that I needed an appointment to talk to her. NOTHING was fixed until I called the corporate office and requested the name and phone number of the district manager. But of course, the district manager has never called after two attempts of calling her. I have even sent a three page email to the corporate office. Have I received a response? Of course not! I have never lived in a place with so many incompetent employees. Look somewhere else! You'll be happier.

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