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Red River Ranch
2625 North Highway 360, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
1 User Response

The property manager is a joke. She is incompetent and can't defend anything she says. All she can say is I am not going to argue with u. Why? Because she has no valid points to say. I would not recommend these apartments to noone. U can hear ur upstairs residents all night, the sinks leaks when u run the water in the kitchen and bathroom. The carpet is coming up, when I moved in there was dead bugs on the floor, spiders in the cracks. The spiders are still here. In the kitchen, in the shower, everywhere I turn my back. This place sucks. Go somewhere else. The staff in the office are nice when they wanna be but then the property manager acts like a female dog and as if she is better than u and because she saw it, it must be true. She writes up lease violation based on hear say, she has no proof to justify the violation. Don't let the pretend luxury fool u, I wish I had looked on apartment ratings before I signed the lease, it would of saved me much grief and headache. DONT LET NOONE COME AND VISIT U. THEY MIGHT ACCUSE THEM OF LIVING WITH U!!!!!!!!!!

Last Updated: 06/05/08
ghetto fabulous!

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