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The Ridge at Timberline (formerly Ambasador Apartments)

2400 Timberline Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051
% Recommended
City Average

If you are looking for a quiet, family friendly environment, then this is the place!! My husband and I have been pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone has been to us--from residents to the staff!! The community is hard-working and family… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I came with my sorority sister to take a look at these apartments. I spoke with a ---------------(I may have spelled that incorrectly) and I am appalled at how she talks to residents and newcomers! I was in line amoung many… Full Review ▶


The ridge is a nice place to live and is very peaceful most of the time.... The only real complaint I have as a tenant is that since me and my wife moved in we have requested that our sub floor… Full Review ▶


So far this has been the worst apartment experience for my roommate and I. Priscilla Deleon is the only nice staff member we have encountered during our 5 months of living here. The lead maintenance guy is horrible, he always claims… Full Review ▶


IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN APARTMENT, KEEP DRIVING....don't even stop at this place. This complex is very old and very dated. The walls look like they've been spray painted. Some spots aren't even painted. The cockroaches are out of control.… Full Review ▶


Though this place is older, the maintenance is absolutely amazing. In most cases the day I tell about a problem, it gets fixed. The management are all very friendly and amazing. The one downside is the roaches are so bad no… Full Review ▶


If you need a low price apartment in a great location with excellent schools this is it. The maintenance is awesome and the staff never bothers me. The apartments are old not the greatest, but the price is super low for… Full Review ▶


The Maintenon is by far the most efficient and amazing men I've ever seen. Santos and Raphael are sweet and through, they do quality work and I feel honored to have had them at my service. The office staff is less… Full Review ▶


Stay away! This place is horrible! The apartments are falling apart and nothing is ever properly fixed. We are extremely clean people and yet there are roaches! Yes! Roaches! It's disgusting. There is also a problem with mold. It's in the… Full Review ▶


The Ridge Apartments is not a good place to live. Don't let the nice looking leasing office fool you. Just take a walk around on the weekends or at night. Remember, roaches come out at night not during the day. I… Full Review ▶


We moved here from out of state and liked the decent monthly rent. After moving in, we realized we made a huge mistake. Floors are buckled up in places and creak so loud. I feel sorry for the tenants below us.… Full Review ▶


I currently live here. From day one I knew it was a bad idea. Carpet is stained, I asked the FIRST DAY for them to come clean and continued asking several weeks after and no one came. Roaches everywhere and rats.… Full Review ▶


when i lived here, we were excited to move in, as they were cheaper and they seemed nice. but soon after we had a constant problem with roaches, we had contacted staff multiple times about exterminating, they would send a company… Full Review ▶


I really dont understand why people talk smack and do it under anonymous? obviously your not telling the WHOLE truth or else you wouldnt be afraid to put your name next to what you believe. as for roaches, you only have… Full Review ▶


If you decide to live here for whatever reason, sign a short lease and remember you have a few days after signing the lease on move-in to legally break the contract. The office staff are aweful, roaches everywhere, termites have infested… Full Review ▶


I lived in the Ridge at Timberline (FKA The Ambassador Apartments) for nearly ten years, over this time I have seen a lot of changes in both the apartments, and the surrounding area. The Management team that is currently helping residents… Full Review ▶


Its an older apt and i was skeptical at first but after I moved in I am happy! Maintenance is nice and seems trusting because ive never had anything missing lol the office staff is nice the neighbors smile and leave… Full Review ▶


I stayed in its 2300 Timberline Dr. for 7 months. When I moved in the carpit was ugly and smell. I asked management team to clean. They cleaned but when I vacated, I was charged with over $60. I argued with… Full Review ▶


I have not had any problems, the only thing I would complain about is maintenance. They do take a while and always has to come back a 2nd or 3rd time to fix it properly. The people in the community are… Full Review ▶


The staff at The Ridge at Timberline can help you if you have any problems in your apartment as we really do care. Under no circumstance would we let you live in an apt with a stairwell deemed by the city,… Full Review ▶


My girlfriend and i have lived here for 4 months and we are desperate to get out of our lease. I have lived at 3 other apartments in my life and have never had to deal with anything like this. The… Full Review ▶


The Ridge at Timberline Dr. is, as the title says, a terrible place to live. First of all, my move in date was set and after I made plans to move on that particular day, I found out it couldn't be… Full Review ▶


The Ridge at Timberline was clean and the management were friendly and helpful. My stay was for six months while I was look for a house to purchase. I had some things (toilet, stove, doors on closet) that needed fixing and… Full Review ▶


Well I've lived here for 3 years & its has gotten 100% better, especially since they have a new manager!! The staff is friendly & very helpful...the manager is actually there all the time & will talk with any resident who… Full Review ▶


I have only lived here for four months and I am so unhappy. I understand this is an older complex and I dont expect five stars, I understand things are gonna break the ocasional bug is gonna get in but what… Full Review ▶


I read all the reviews and even the on from the CNC Investments. They are so full of crap! I am now dealing with them in court and they are awful, I have never had the run around like they are… Full Review ▶


I moved into the Ambassador reently, and as soon as the lease is up, I'm gone. There is a crime problem. If you don't believe it, call Grapevine PD or read any Saturday edition of the Star Telegram. Roaches are horrible,… Full Review ▶


Older building...beat up roads and leaves a lot to be desired.
Rental Office sports one really, really hot ----! WoW! Full Review ▶


I have nothing to lose or gain by writing this, except to maybe help people by giving a really honest critique of this place. I am getting ready to move out in a couple weeks, but I have lived here 6… Full Review ▶


The Ambassador Apartments are a member of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, Tarrant County Apartment Association as well as the Texas Apartment Association, and the National Apartment Association. It has been our experience that very often negative comments posted on this… Full Review ▶


When we moved in, the place was okay. It slowly changed over the course of the next few years. The last two years there were true agony. Let me just name a few of the reasons why.

1. Gunshots heard pretty… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 3 years and can't believe all the new things that are going on here! I love the fitness trainer! I have told all my friends to move in. Full Review ▶


Ambassador had some issues before due to Previous Management! Now it has a NEW Management Company that has really turned things around. The office staff is Professional and Extremely helpful and kind!
They bend over backwards to help you out. And all… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


The ambassador apts is the place i call home. i love the are and the staff is really friendly. Full Review ▶


i don't live in these apartments, but i went to look at them and could not get out of there faster. Scary!!! Full Review ▶


I have live at these apartments for 5 years and when I initially moved in, it was wonderful. Over the last 3 years, it has steadily declined!! I trully believe that I am living in Section 8 Housing. The property is… Full Review ▶


I have been living at these apts for about 7 years now and it keeps on getting worse by the minute. I have seen everyone in the office come and go. Crime rate is very bad now. I use to be… Full Review ▶


I lived here for over 15 years. It was a very nice place to live until they changed from Pearltree to Ambassador. The rent was jacked up every 6 months, they doubled charged for pet deposits, they never cleaned the pool… Full Review ▶


This place was horrible. There was nothing redeemable at all. Several times I was denied access to my apartment due to police involvement with other residents. They had cordoned off several buildings during standoffs (yes, sadly enough it was more than… Full Review ▶


When we first moved in things were okay. The apartments look really nice on the inside for the price. However, we soon found out that the good price comes with REALLY REALLY REALLY bad neighbors. Worse than you can imagine and… Full Review ▶


I moved into Ambassador approxamately 2 weeks ago. I had the best experience ever!! The management was very professional, the maintenance was awesome. I would refer all of my friends to move to this community!!!!! Full Review ▶


Ambassador Apartments look nice on the surface and when you do your first walk through. But soon after moving in, you'll see the poor window screens, old appliances, lack of grass, poor customer service, poor patio flooring, horrific laundry facilities, etc… Full Review ▶


The office staff is very friendly and truely cares about making sure you are satisfied. The maintenace staff has always responded to my needs quickly. For an older complex it is very well maintained. Full Review ▶


Paid a little bit extra for the poolview of the pool that was NEVER CLEAN!

Lots of noise, especially at night..

There are so many other places where you could live and get a better deal for your money.… Full Review ▶


I have to wait 4 days to fix my AC last June. Their "24 hours maintenance" is from 9 am until 5 pm. Their costomer service is not proffesional. I do not recomend you to stay in this apartment Full Review ▶


Ambassadors service is lacking along with the proper security that was promised. Three cars were broken into in a time period of six months. When I asked about the crime rate they said that there had never been a problem with… Full Review ▶

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