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Woodlake Apartments
655 N Park Boulevard, Grapevine, TX 76051
5 User Responses

This place stinks. Everything is rigged. The management company collects rent month after month. How about some insulation to help with the heating and cooling bills? How about painting the exterior of this place; it is falling apart. Now, on top of everything else, the managers are allowing anyone to rent here. This has meant several notifications about cars being broken in to, the pool area getting vandalized and the mail room having boxes broken in to and mail stolen. The management and management company does nothing but post some BS letter on the doors and have the maintenance guys post one on all the doors. How about spending a little money on a security person or cameras? Oh no, can't do that. That would mean the management would have a little less money to steal. ----- you are running this place in to the ground and you are almost there. This place becomes more crime-ridden every month. Nice choice of residents. Its all about the money with you, isn't it? Maybe, when you have your car broken in to or vandalized you will actually considering making a change or two.
Look at the reviews and decide for yourself. If you come here to rent, take a look around and you will see what this place is really all about. Look at the lack of paint outside, the poor and worn out roofs, the giant cracks in the walls and the way things are rigged to work for a short period of time. Trust me, you don't want to live here with the crime and place falling apart. Its also very nice to see multiple families of --------- moving in to a one bedroom apartment and leaving their trash all over the outside of the complex. Awesome job Woodlake management. Keep up the excellent application reviewing. Remember, that rent is so much more important than fixing things up or anyone's safety. I am so glad to see you guys have your priorities in order.

Last Updated: 06/06/10
User photo uploaded on 09/08/2009
too bad some people are just never happy.
I guess your apartment is not falling apart. I am not an ex-employee, just a tenant. I have spoken the truth about this place. There is no maintenance done on these places and the property is looking really run down. Look at the paint and rotted wood all over the place. You should try living near a mexican family who rents a one bedroom and has over 10 to 15 people going in and out daily. Not to mention the 10 or so cars they have in the parking lot. I guess this place is going for the south Dallas look.
You know ex-employees have totally ruined this site and made it a place take out their revenge. Saying cruel things and untruths is wrong, no matter how you feel. Let's keep this about business and for people truly researching places to live. Its so obvious when its someone who has a score to settle. I keep reading comments about the management being on here all the time, my thought is that's the pot calling the kettle black. All I see on here is ex-employees bashing people about things that have nothing do with the ratings of these apartments. I have lived here for over 5 years and have been very satisfied with the staff and apartments.
It's sad to see what has happened to Woodlake.
Get a grip. Channel 5? BBB? Seriously, you have too much time on your hands. Give them a 60 day notice two months before your lease is up and grow up!

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