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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Houston, TX

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Forest Apartments

22820 Imperial Valley Dr, Houston, TX 77073

08/12/14 by QuantumLeper: Hope you like people blasting music at all hours of the day and fellow neighbors seemingly either being able to sleep through it otherwise not care. I've politely asked several neighbors on a few occasions if they could keep it down, because I really don't feel like hearing the local R&B station at 1 a.m. on a Wednesday, and there's a 50/50 chance of anything happening. Either they more


Gables CityScape Apartments

3720 West Alabama Street, Houston, TX 77027

09/05/14 by anonymous: Water is off yet again... I'll say 15 times this year. 8pm on a Friday is not when this should happen. more


Idlewood Park Apartments

11675 W Bellfort St, Houston, TX 77099

07/30/14 by fuentes19: Worst Apartment That I have ever lived they refused to fix my problem When I moved there the apartment that was infested with bedbugs and their answer was that i had brought those with me and I know for a Fact that it is not true, I didn't even know what bed bugs look like. and The water bill WAS alway HIGH $128.00 per month for a 2 bed and 2 bath that's too way too much. . STAY AWAY more


Aspen Ridge (formerly Waltons Mill Apartments)

10555 Spice Ln, Houston, TX 77072

04/25/13 by anonymous: I enjoy living here.I have lived here over a year and never had any problems. more


Beall Village

4463 N Macgregor Way, Houston, TX 77004

11/01/10 by anonymous: Bedbugs are everywhere and they are very hard to get rid of. I had to use duct tape around the walls and doors to keep them out, which helped a little. The place REEKS of cigarettes and I didn't notice until I moved out that all of your things will start to smell of cigarettes too. Now that I've moved out I can actually breath better, lol. If you can tolerate those things then this more


Parkwood Apartments

7331 Staffordshire St, Houston, TX 77030

07/16/07 by Parkwood had huge yards with big trees and it was safe enough that you could let the kids play outside without watching them every minute. The neighbors were all well educated professionals, mostly from Asia. My son's best friend had a grandma who made great dumplings! It was zoned for HISD's magnet school, so we had the best public education in the city. It was a great place to more


Spanish Villa

14415 Alderson St, Houston, TX 77015

07/31/09 by Ihopetheownersknow: That place was absolutely the worst place I have ever lived! I had a hole in my ceiling for over a month. It magically got fixed the day the owners were coming in from california. No matter how much you spray for bugs it doesn't help, they are in the walls and in the attic. The airconditioner has not worked properly all summer. I have proof and pics of the awful conditions. Also a more


Wellington Place

10803 Greencreek Drive, Houston, TX 77070

09/05/10 by anonymous: I lived here for a little whilebefore i gave up my apartment. trash,landscaping exterminating were horrible issues! I had issues with mice and all they did was put down poison packs were some of the mice were hiding. my a/c froze several times, fridge broke down twice, i had to pay for a dishwasher, a neighbor stole electrictiy from the building i lived in, and building 5 more


Winfield Park Apartments

7700 Corporate Dr, Houston, TX 77036

05/14/10 by rednhappy: check this,,after hurricane Katrina. we did get a big influx of people, some were good people but also alot were bad individuals who caused alot of property damages that took the new management some time to clean up. In my experience as a resident is that of the golden rule. If you walk around being disrespectfull then thats the treatment you will recieve. But if your nice and more


Cypress Commons

9721 Cypresswood Road, Houston, TX 77070

10/26/14 by roseshorty06: When we first moved in things were fine. The pool was free, you only had to pay a pet deposit upfront. Now the pool pass is 10.00 and you have a 10.00 monthly fee on top of the deposit. Parking was fine and now it is horrid. I had to even park outside the gate almost every night. They then painted the outside curb a fire zone,( where everyone was forced to park) So who knows if i'll ever more

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