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Brookfield Apartments
14230 Wunderlich Dr, Houston, TX 77069
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DO NOT MOVE HERE. These apartments are the worst place to reside in. Besides, high ( extremely high) crime rate such as car break ins and people getting robbed in parking lot, the management are ignorant, liars and vendictive. They will lie to you about everything and anything in order to get an extra dollar out of you. They give you one price and as soon as its accepted and you move in, the price given to you at first increase each month. I ended up paying $50 more than agreed on, sometimes more. Whenyou move out, they will do anything to make sure you are not present for the walk around, and will lie about damages. the dryers and washers have been broken for a year. maintenance were good people and produtive. previouse employees who worked in the office left to work and live at better places than these dumps. Dog waste everywhere and when it rains dog urine overwhelms you. the carpet is never replaces, and barely cleaned for you prior to move in. STEPHANIE will literally screw you over, and give you a horrible, tasteless attitude. She should not be a manager at all due to lack of respect,sence and politeness. She is a snake and needs to work at a walmart where her attitude fits. ( no offense to walmart employees, but im just saying) Brookfield apartments need tobe reevaluated and reconstructed or better yet..shut down..Do not move here. Its a waste of money and you can avoid a rip off or scam.

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