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Enclave at Copperfield
15503 FM 529 Road, Houston, TX 77095
3 User Responses

Horrible appartments. They wont fix anything the cockroaches are bad as soon as your nieghbors move out, and they wont spray until you say you are moving out(they verbally told me they only spary when you move in or out)... The management is very nice at first but become very rude and ignore your requests! If you are white you will be treated like trash! I was told by someone that knows these people that they will have people that don't even live at the appartments put good reviews for them, guess it is to be expected in such a place..... Avoid these people and if you do rent here document everything and make sure all correspondences are by certified mail keep all response from them too! Do not accept verbal communication, have them put it in writing!

Well the amazing management that is so attentative.... still no contact from the management. More than one year later, why is that... Becasue they are liars! But sure since they got a nother negative feedback they will be on here to add a couple positive!
As manager of The Enclave at Copperfield first I'd like to say I apologize that you feel your experience was that bad with us. I am fully aware of who you are as you told me you would be posting and telling any and all in one of the many threatening e-mails you sent to me. I am surprised to hear you speak that way of our office as we attempted to be accommodating to both you and your family during your stay here. Words cannot express how off the mark you are implying that you were treated in any way due to your race. I can assure you that is not and has never been a factor in how we treat anyone. Most, if not all, residents here know that pest control is available free of charge every Monday of each week to anyone who requests the service. I apologize if that was not communicated to you; however it is clearly stated in our community policies which is signed by all at move in. We pay a flat rate for the service each month so there is no reason to offer the service to one and deny service to another. We own this property so it only benefits us to take the best care of it. We encourage everyone to submit service requests in writing, get receipts and keep records just as you warned that anyone dealing with us should, but with intentions of making sure that our residents have real recourse if something is not done in a timely manner or done to their satisfaction. And for everything that we may fall short on, our corporate office has an open door policy for all our residents so much so that the direct phone number and extensions are posted on a sign on my office window just as it has been for the last 7 years that I've worked here. Even though you've been gone for 2 years now my boss would be more than happy to listen to and try to resolve your account issues. We truly strive to keep everyone happy but as I've learned in the 17 years I've spent in this industry making everyone happy is simply not possible all the time. There is a staff of 8 here, 7 other people who had no impact on your dissatisfaction as all interaction was with me. It is simply not fair to say "management" when you mean manager and include the entire staff, the ones who really make the wheels turn around here. I just wish that more of those who have chosen The Enclave over the years would post so you could truly see the bigger picture of how dedicated my staff is to making people comfortable, keeping the property beautiful and making The Enclave overall a great place to live. Best wishes and please feel free to contact me at 281-858-5503 if you would like to speak with me or my regional supervisor.
Had a feeling this review was bs before clicking, and that was quickly confirmed as soon as I read the "they won't fix anything" crap. All it takes is 1 phone call, and whatever you need is fixed immediately, automatically dismissed the rest of the review - it's not managements fault you didn't pay your bills and were evicted ya deadbeat! That's the only thing I can imagine must've happened after my personal experience with this complex!

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