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Hollister Place Apartments
6565 Hollister Street, Houston, TX 77040
4 User Responses

Dont move here, they dont do criminal background checks. My new neighbor that lives next to me told me that he had a hard time getting an apartment in his name because he is on probation for beating his girlfriend up. He has several warrants out now. His mom put the lease in her name so he could live here and the office staff knows about it. He has different women coming in and out at different hours of the night. Why do they let people like this move here? Now he says they have hired him to do onsite car detailing..what is wrong with the people in the office. Come on people cant you tell when someone is not stable? You dont run a background check on everyone that is going to live here? I think there might be a little discrimination going on here. Perhaps he threatened them to get the apartment. Who knows but when my lease is up I am moving out of this rat hole, poor excuse for management, they just want their occupancy high, they dont care who moves in.

hey joni move in here these are a great place to live till you stop hugging that tree.
Well I do not live there, but where on earth in Houston do you think that you can go live where there is absolutely no crime? If you know of a place, please let me know. And if you know of an apartment complex where there is not one person on probation, and every person that lives there is law abiding...Please let me know that too. I know a few people that got bum raps and were put on probation. Does that mean that those people need to live under a bridge? While I agree that I would not want to live next to a pediphile..some people are not all bad just because they are on probation. And no, I am not on probation, I am a grandmother.
Good luck trying to get Felicia to assist you. She is a joke. I know for a fact they aren't doing back ground checks. All you have to do is run a few plates in the parking lot to figure that one out. I find it hard to believe all of the residents at Hollister Place Apartments are law abiding citizens. Have you walked the property lately? That too funny. You guys are so desperate that you would lease to a pediphile if they wanted an apartment. The jig is up...Start being honest with your residents. Your constant lying isn't very becoming of you. I would strongly suggest residents should review the HPD Crime statistics and note all of the crimes committed in the past year at 6565 Hollister. You can lie to your tenants but you can't change the recorded facts. To all worried about your safety I would suggest you leave Hollister Place. The management will do nothing to ensure the safety of the residents.
I am the Regional Supervisor for Hollister. If you have concerns on this issue please contact my office at 713-283-1469 and I will be happy to talk to you. My name is Felicia Coker.

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