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Lovett Manor
2056 Antoine Drive, Houston, TX 77055
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I am 71 years old and was considering moving here with my wife. I talked with some friends who have lived here for 3 to 5 years and they are really concerned that in the past year things have really become bad. The apartments are great; the location great; but the management is REALLY POOR.

Security seems lax, the security gate is broken most of the time. The complex is alleged for "over 55" but the times we have visited we have seen young children in the swimming pool and much younger adults in the halls who seem to live in the facility. I dont think tenants are screened for criminal backgrounds. Recently two alleged non-resident men gained entry into an apartment of an older woman and took money from her. Our friends who live there believe there is an increasing drug presence which has been reported to management, but they seem to no care or be unable to do anything about this.

We are disapointed because it is in a good location and seems to be a very good facility as far as apartments, it is just that I don't know if we would feel safe there as senior adults.

I was considering living here but now I am not sure

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