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Mirage Apartments

2100 Bering Dr, Houston, TX 77057
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Water is shut off constantly for "repairs". The pipes must be falling apart. Hot water is sporadic even when it is running due to one water heater for multiple apartments. Walls are paper thin - you can hear everything your neighbors… Full Review ▶


We have been living at Mirage for almost two years. At the beginning it has been decent for the price we were paying, although the noise generated by the AC units can get very annoying. However the last year since they… Full Review ▶


We're living in Mirage (Bering Dr) since March 2012 and we like to live here, because of the security, the good location, the covered parking (there is enough parking, even for guests), the great atmosphere of the complex, the appliances are… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

At first everything seemed great but every time people have gotten worse, too many parties organized in the pool. People do not respect anything! Everything is dirty, do not collect the dog poop, garbage bags are pulled by the urbanization. ..… Full Review ▶


We stayed in Mirage Bering Dr for almost a month (January 2012). We had the middle unit (2nd floor out of 3 stories). Our main problem is the very noisy neighbor upstair. The unit is not sound proof at all. We… Full Review ▶


I just moved in to Mirage about a month ago. The property is so clean and well kept up with. The maintenance staff is the nicest I have ever dealt with and they actually came out the same day I called!… Full Review ▶


I have very particular taste. When searching for an apartment i had a list of wants that needed to be met. I wanted modern appliances, spacious floor plans, dog friendly, safe environment and friendly staff and i didnt want to pay… Full Review ▶


The grounds are beautiful, with a gorgeous water fall by the pool. VERY RELAXING! The office staff was always great and helpful. I really enjoyed the pool parties and the maintenance staff is WONDERFUL! Full Review ▶


I have lived in the mirage apartments for about 2 years now. When we first moved in, we loved the night watch, the security it offered, and everything else. After a year of living here, the gates were broken and they… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Mirage for the past year now and absolutely love it here! The new fitness center is awesome. I can just plug my iPod into the TV that's on every piece of equipment! I also love the coffee… Full Review ▶


I have lived here over 4 years and have loved the place, especially the maintenance and office staff. In a misguided cost-cutting measure, Lincoln Properties fired our great night watch crew in December and we have had a crime wave since.… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for a few years now and was unpleasantly surprised when one of the new property managers knocked on my door and handed me an eviction notice. She told me that I had not paid my rent, which… Full Review ▶


Great location. Lovely landscaping. Nice and helpful staff, especially the assistant manager. The previous manager, michelle, is gone after a charming display of incompetence during the crisis of Hurricane Ike...kudos to lincoln property management. Loved the parking...all covered spots!!! Gated with… Full Review ▶


These apartments are the best that I've lived in. The atmosphere of the apartment complex is great. The majority of those that stay at the Mirage work or go to school. In the night, it is peaceful and quiet. There is… Full Review ▶


I stayed here on a 3 month corporate deal when I first moved to Houston. The apartments are well appointed, granite counter tops, good appliances etc. Staff were friendly and helpful, minor maintenance issues dealt with promptly. Pool area is nice… Full Review ▶


I had a problem with some leaks and mold and make me move with a 1 day notice! No moving help or reimbursement!! I've been here for 7 months, and in the first month a huge crack appeared in the wall… Full Review ▶


This is a great place to live. The location is nearby virtually everything and you're just minutes away from the Galleria. The couple of problems I have had since move in have been dealt with by management the same day and… Full Review ▶


I have lived here since before the new management came in. Although it was sad to see them go the new management staff is fabulous! Every time I come to the office someone is always there to help me with every… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for 2 years, and would continue to stay if I wasn't moving out of town. The few maintenance complaints I've had were taken care of quickly. I don't visit the office often, but when I need to pick… Full Review ▶


I lived on the complex for the last year, now moving to another community on the same area. Although a bit pricy, the apartments are very well designed. Yes, they are quite noise and plumbing can be a problem - so… Full Review ▶


I lived here for a year. I moved to a house. I loved living here. I highly, highly recomend these apartments. I never had one problem, the staff is so kind. Any time I had a question, or any problem at… Full Review ▶


I moved here from El Mundo Park. I was upset when new management (Lincoln) took over because a huge reason I moved to this complex was the wonderful management. However, there has been a smooth transition and few problems. The price… Full Review ▶


Great Location!
Great Floor Plan!
Great Pool!
Great Landscaping!
Great Covered Parking!
The nieghbors I have met at the pool and around property have been very nice and seem to like it here too! I have never heard my neighbors through the walls but,… Full Review ▶


When you live at the Mirage, you will get to know your neighbors REALLY well.
That's because you can hear their conversations next door through the walls.
And when your neighbor upstairs walks to
the bathroom to relieve himself, you'll hear every footstep… Full Review ▶


ok....so I'm not a resident yet but was looking at this complex very seriously. As a future resident of any complex I depend on the reviews of the current residents. I believe the over all opinions of the people that take… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for just over a year & have been very happy. The grounds are beautiful & the staff exceptionally friendly & helpful. Maitenance is quick to respond to any requests I have made. Full Review ▶


This is a great place to live.
I have lived in several Aparmtents and really feel safe, and the management team is really nice. However, it is pricy, and the team trys to jump the price at leat $110 everytime you re-sign.… Full Review ▶


To start with, we stayed on the first floor apartment. The apartment is really good, huge & well illuminated (natural illumination). There was no 1 staying in the next door apt so dint have any exp. of thin walls but yaa… Full Review ▶


Well, I am about to move to Mirage apts. next month- now by reading the comments on the paper thin walls and plumming- I kind of got bummed out. I really liked the look of the apts. and the outside- but… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


I have lived at The Mirage for several years and have been very happy. The tropical landscaping is beautiful and my neighbors are friendly. The pool area looks like a resort. Management is great and the maintenance staff is always quick… Full Review ▶


Walls and ceiling are PAPER THIN!!!

Plumbing is outdated and cheap. Constantly having problems.

Appliances are cheap and falling apart.

Air conditioner is undersized and runs constantly. Full Review ▶


This is supposed to be a "luxury" apartment. The walls are paper thin. I can listen to my neighbors television. The air conditioners are archaic. They also leak into the apartment below and run down the walls. You come back and… Full Review ▶

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