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Palms on Westheimer
6425 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77057
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Attn: Property Owner, Property Manager & All Departments, Property Management (BH Properties)

Notice of Immediate Action by leased Tenant to Numerous Violations on the above named

To Whom or all Concerned Above mentioned individuals and Companies

First let me say this on the record, I am disgusted, That you and your representatives, have invaded, harassed, lied, deliberately and intentional, Mislead, Ignored, and treated me with such malicious and with hateful intent having no regard to my personal safety, or health, and of those who are guest or people I have authorized to enter my Apt, and harm to Animals owned and maintained by me. That your mob like mentality has left me questioning my safety and the safety of my pet, and my personal property owned by me and or guest who come to visit

That all acts of deliberant intentions where to indirectly but directly force me to vacate the unit, and tarnish my rental history as so I could not rent another apartment that your violation of
That you or your staff additionally intended to discriminate and violate my federally protected Civil rights from housing discrimination based on my gender and sexual orientation
That you and your representatives denied refused and ignored the physical health and or safety of above tenant and authorized occupants guest, and animals.

I further state that you intentionally allowed a resident to harass, and antagonize, or destroy, so I would vacate the unit based on the level of harassment. I also accuse that you provided confidential private personal information to said resident as to further cause harm and intent. And that you intentional ignored over 7 requests to you for remedy to the constant barrage of harassment. That you did not reprimand the said resident when repeated request where made of harassment.
That you are aware of level of intense harassment I will even go as far to say that you know the origins of this resident and of her intent and why she was placed specially above my unit to cause harm or a favorable outcome of me vacating the property before my lease was up. In addition all of this was in witness of friends and a former employee. Who specifically told me that yes you do practice unethical means by placing tenants above or around the tenant you wish to have move out

I further state that you have intentionally, ignore any repeated written and verbal request for repairs or remedies to the air conditioning unit that has left everything I own with a black tar substance on clothing, furniture, walls, dishes, and carpeting made to you or members of your staff (NAME REMOVED) and (NAME REMOVED) who have toured the unit including yourself and seen firsthand what you refuse to fix. (The dark oily based substance coming from the air conditioning unit.) Because of your lack of concern this has adversely affected the health and safety of me, my dog and guest. That you still refused to make any repairs hoping I will just move out with disgust. That after requesting repairs for the 4th time you finally decided to repair the coil unit for which I had said to (NAME REMOVED) and to which he saw the said damage was the problem in first place. I further state that when yourself and the Regional Manager (Name removed) that you made an attempt 4 times but did not replace the coil unit until the 4th time. And yes you did allow for cleaning the carpet, once. But the contractor only did a five minute run through of carpet cleaner. That you did not make any further attempts to remedy the situation of my furniture and clothing still having a black stain on them again being told that you would not repair the damage to personal belongings.

I further accuse you and your representative(s) that you allowed members (employees) of your staff to leave feces (Dog Manure) at my door. In addition you allowed members (employees) to act on your behalf and that of the owners by placing nails in my tires, and that as my guest would leave you would harass them implying something questionable was going on again with the same malicious intent and without notice. To further cause a favorable outcome for the property owner

I also further state that you and your representatives, extorted or harassed additional fees and charges under the Geist of late fees overcharges even after bringing the balance to 0 and even intentionally overcharging for a predetermined court ordered fee as to cause further harassment to vacate the unit

I further state that you and your representatives, allowed your management staff to be used as a decoy or informant to obtain private and personal information and then you released that personal and private information to individuals as to cause the current onslaught of malicious acts stated above

The above statements I acknowledge as fact and are true to the best of my ability that I make these documented accusation with full knowledge of the repercussions that could be laid on me if it is found that the above statements are not true then I am subject to the laws and penalties that govern the state I currently reside in. but with a clear consciences I formally admit the above statements and facts as true and will provide documented evidence of said accusations along with documented evidence you have in your procession will completely and ultimately allow for my innocence. And provide proof of your acts of malicious and hateful intent that you would allow the above accusation(s) to happen. Knowing all along what your intent is or was. And purposely causing a favorable outcome for all parties mentioned above.

Please be informed I am in contact with government public and private agencies and will dutifully provide any and all assistance to these agencies in order to protect my rights and to have you stop violating my constitutional rights to be free from harassment or harm based on sexual orientation and or gender identity, or defend my right to fair housing without harassment. Under Federal & State laws

You have 7 days from receipt of this letter to act respond notify or repair, after the 7 Business days if you have not replied to the accusations. I am entitled under the law to vacate the unit anticipated vacancy is on or before the 15th of July, 2013, and receive a full refund of all deposits and any prorated unused portion of my rent, In addition you could further be responsible for damages made to all of my property that could also result in court cost fees reasonable attorney fees, and replacement of property at full market value and monetary judgments, and whatever additional cost that could be associated with a lawsuit and accessed by the courts.

Signed and submitted this 05th day of July, 2013

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