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Steeple Crest
11220 West Road, Houston, TX 77065
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The apartment management sucks. Initially it was being managed by Greystar (http://www.greystar.com), very poor management and then it changed to Cres Management (http://www.cresmanagement.com). The employees after the management change were worse then with the previous management.
My experience:
I had a flooding incident at my previous apartment complex due to water pipe damage at the apartment above me and I had to move out. Thats when I choose to move to Steeple Crest. Bad decision! I was temporarily being accommodated at my previous apartments until I would find a place. I moved to steeple crest with the electricity not in my name for a day and I made sure with Steeple Crest management that I wont be fined for it. But well, a month later I was fined $40 for not have the electricity in my name for a day.
Greystar management had an employee there who was just useless, could not help you with anything if you went there in person and would never answer the phone if you called.
I had my toilet clog at several occasions and on one of the occasions the maintenance guy flushed it twice and flooded the bathroom, messed up my rugs and then threw them into the bath tub and somewhat cleaned them using the whole bottle of my liquid soap probably so that they would not smell bad from the dirty water spill from the toilet. I guess one would expect a repair person to know not to flush your toilet multiple times before doing any kind of fix, if you have made a maintenance request saying that the toilet is clogged up. When i complained about this to the apartment manager, she came back saying that the employee did not do it and offered me reimbursement. I let it go by saying I just wanted to bring it to her attention. I should not have done that.
Also there were two gates to enter into the apartment complex. And one of the gates that I used a lot as it was close to the apartment, was out of order quite often.
I was sure I was not going to live at this place after my lease was up (12 months), so I gave them a notice of evacuation at the end of my lease. I went to the apartment office to personally ask what was my prorated rent that I owed for the last month of my lease and I wrote a check (another inconvenience no online payment options) for the said amount thinking I was all set.
A week later the apartment management puts a delinquent notice on my door saying I have not paid my whole rent. When I called them they gave me a foolish reason saying that they thought if I change my mind on staying and it was a mistake.
Now I leave the apartment and return the keys. Three days later I get a call that I owe them $150 - $90 water bill; $10 to clean the laundry room (I left some dust there; my bad forgot to vacuum it when I was vacuuming the place); $30 to clean the bath tub which I think I did not leave dirty; $20 for a broken/missing towel rack that I had taken out from above the toilet seat and put it on the wall right in the front; I did not break it). I called the external water company to see why my water bill was $90 as the bill had no explanation on it. No use. I just went ahead and sent them the $90 water check. And got the other cleaning expenses that the management was charging me to half the price.

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